Colleges On Display


In December 2010, I started a “College of the Day” feature.  My goal was to let you in on a wonderful secret – they all feature a fascinating history, interesting people and programs worth talking about.  They all have their own special character and a worthy story to tell.

Although the goal of a College EVERY day seems beyond my capabilities (unless I skip sleep), I hope to update this feature as often as possible after what can now be referred to as the “Hiatus of 2011”.  Enjoy!


Well, we’ll try to start this all up again.  I make no promises, and will adhere to no formats.  But, here goes…

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY.    This Tuesday, I had the opportunity to participate in Rutgers Counselors’ Day event, at the New Brunswick campus.  It involved presentations from Administrators, Staff and Students and included a bus tour of the 5 campuses (including a great lunch).   Here are 17 bullet points of various shape and size from my experience that day (in order that I received the information).  Enjoy!

-They are soon to be the home of the largest Barnes and Noble in the U.S.

-They are reducing the size of their freshman class by 4% this year.  Future reductions are possible.

-They still expect enrollment to stay the same or grow due to improved retention.

– The application process is entirely online.

-They do not require or request Letters of Recommendation.

-They utilize SRARs – Self-Reported Academic Records

-Only 2 (out of over 7000 offers) were rescinded because of inaccuracies on the SRARs (I know you were wondering…)

– “Senioritis” is a far greater danger. 10 to 50 offers of admission are rescinded each year because of substantial declines in senior grades.

– For a large school, the use of G.A.’s and adjuncts seemed to be less than I expected.

– You can use the meal plan at football games

– Quidditch is played on campus

– Rutgers has the largest collegiate bus system in the U.S.

– 19 libraries

– They have several new residence halls opening in 2012, with commercial properties on the ground level

–  Lunch at the new Livingston Hall dining hall included (for me) Cajun Catfish and several items from a never ending salad bar.  The coffee options included multiple flavored creamers.  This was not your parents’ cafeteria.

– The Busch campus includes a Center of Alcohol Studies.  It was the first interdisciplinary research center devoted to alcohol-use and alcohol-related problems and treatment.  Not quite what I thought when I first saw the sign (especially on a campus named Busch).

– Our residence hall visit was to Best Hall, which has a study area modeled after the New York Public Library and meets Silver Leeds sustainability standards.


College of the Day is currently on hiatus.  But, I am definitely looking for ways to bring it back in a new more manageable format.  Stay tuned!

MONDAY, JULY 18, 2011

We travel down the New Jersey turnpike today to visit a school that is celebrating its 125th anniversary by awarding 125 scholarships to the incoming freshman class.  And had one of the first two typewriters in the city of Wilmington.  Always on the cutting edge, I present to you, after crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge…

Goldey-Beacom College is located in the Pike Creek valley, a suburb of Wilmington, Delaware.  It was founded in 1886 when business educator H.S. Goldey opened the Wilmington Commercial College with five students in a rented room. In 1900, one of Goldey’s best instructors, W.H. Beacom, parted ways opening his own school, only blocks away in downtown Wilmington. For decades the two schools engaged in fierce competition, but in 1951 the two entities merged, giving rise to today’s Goldey-Beacom College. In 1974, the College relocated to the present suburban Pike Creek campus on Limestone Road.

Goldey-Beacom College currently enrolls about 1600 matriculated undergraduate students and an additional 1750 matriculated graduate students.  2011-2012 tuition is $19,860 and the ‘average’ Room and Board costs (there are various packages) is $5172.

GBC offers 17 undergraduate degree programs in avariety of subjects, ranging from Finance, Economics and Business with an extensive selection of concentrations to Psychology, Criminal Justice and English. Additionally the college offers Masters of Science degrees in Business Administration, Management, Finance and Taxation.

The Goldey-Beacom Lightning do, indeed strike fear in their NCAA Division II opponents in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC). In 2010-11 the Women’s Basketball team won the CACC Conference and went on to the NCAA Eastern Regional tournament. For the sixth time in seven years, the GBC Men’s Golf Team was selected to compete in the regional NCAA Division II Men’s Gold Championship. The Men’s Basketball team advanced to the CACC Conference finals in 2010-11. The women’s tennis team continued its dominance in Division II competition with a 12-4 record this year. GBC student athletes collectively have a 3.14 GPA and 25 student-athletes were named to the CACC All-Academic Team for 2010-11.

Students living on campus enjoy the benefits of apartment-style housing on an extremely safe suburban campus. Apartments include a comfortable living area, two bedrooms and two bathrooms and are equipped with cable connectivity.

Goldey-Beacom Admission staff can be reached at and at 1800-833-4877.  And only the best for northern and central New Jersey – the admission counselor for this area is the Director of Admissions, Larry Eby.   I met Larry at the NJACAC Conference this year – great guy!  He can be reached directly at

And thank you, Larry and Assistant Director of Admissions, Hudson Whitenight, for providing almost all of the information used in this piece – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Goldey-Beacom’s Facebook page can be found at “Goldey-Beacom College”.

So, we’ve reached school #93 and survived the Turnpike and Lighting.  Where to next?  See you later this week at…..?????


We travel today to a place where Robert Kennedy was President, Black Bears are blue and white and a college fight song could hit #1 on the pop charts.

The University of Maine is located in Orono, Maine.  It was founded in 1865 as the Maine College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts.  (MC AMA, for those into late 1980’s/early 1990’s pop music)  It became the University of Maine in 1897, and – other than a brief period as the University of Maine at Orono, it has been such ever since.

The University of Maine currently enrolls about 8800 matriculated undergraduate students and an additional 1750 matriculated graduate students.  2011-2012 tuition for out-of-state students is $26,308 and the ‘average’ Room and Board costs (there are various packages) is $8944.  There is a reduced rate for New England Regional and Canadian students.

 UMaine offers over 85 undergraduate degree programs, in an impressive variety of subjects, ranging from Aquaculture to Electrical Engineering, Pulp and Paper Technology to New Media, Latin to Forest Ecosystem Science and Conservation and Construction Management Technology to Kinesiology.

The University of Maine Black Bears do, indeed have blue and white as their team colors (and Bananas the Bear as their mascot).  They participate in the NCAA’s Division I.  The Black Bears have won 2 National championships, both in Men’s Ice Hockey, in 1993 and 1999.  Their baseball teams have appeared in 7 College World Series, and have finished as high as 3rd (1964 and 1982).

And, yes, their College Fight Song, the “Stein Songwas a #1 hit on the pop charts for former student, Rudy Vallee, in 1930.  It is the only College Fight Song to reach such success.

UMaine alumni include author Stephen King, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Dr. Bernard Lown, U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe, multiple governors of the state of Maine, professional wrestler D’Lo Brown, NHL stars Paul Kariya and Garth Snow, as well as NHL coach John Torterella, sports broadcaster Gary Thorne and former MLB manager Stump Merrill.

UMaine’s Admissions staff can be reached at and at 877-486-2364. 

The University of Maine Admissions Facebook page is entitled, unsurprisingly, “University of Maine Admissions”.  Their Twitter account is @GoUMaine.

Note: Robert A. Kennedy was President of the U. of Maine through June 30, 2011.  Paul W. Ferguson has succeeded as President, as of July 1, 2011.

So, we’ve seen Black Bears, in blue and white, discovered some really interesting majors, learned a new fight song and had a chance to visit one of my favorite states in the Union. (My honeymoon was in Newcastle/Damariscotta)  Let’s see where my Green Saturn takes us to next….

TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2011

2 years ago this month (June 19, 2009, to be precise), Farmville first appeared on Facebook.  And life, as we know it, was never the same.  I thought it worthwhile, as Director of College Counseling for the Rest of Us, to check out the higher education community there.  And, sure enough, I found a thriving, respected four year institution.  No, seriously – check this out…

Longwood University is located in Farmville, Virginia.  And it was there long before 2009.  Longwood was founded in 1839, as the Farmville Female Seminary Association and became Farmville Female College in 1884.  It adopted the name of Longwood College in 1949, and has enjoyed University status since 2002.  It is the third oldest public college in Virginia.

Longwood enrolls over 4000 matriculated undergraduate students and an additional 800 or so matriculated graduate studentsOut of state Tuition and Room and Board for 2011-2012 will be $30,494 (there are a few meal plan options that can adjust this number up or down slightly).

Longwood’s Academic programs include Anthropology, Kinesiology, Athletic Training, Liberal Studies, Art and Therepeutic Recreation, as well as Nursing and a new 5 year BS/MS program in Sociology/Criminal Justice.  Probably my favorite program option is their MBAdvantage – pick up your undergraduate degree in the Arts and Sciences and add an MBA in your fifth year!

Every Longwood student must complete an internship, directed research project or study abroad semester.  In other words, Longwood students are “required” to intern at places such as Disney World or National Geographic or the US House of Representatives or study in China or Malaysia or Honduras or experience something similar.

The Longwood Lancers are a NCAA Division I program, as of 2007.  The Men’s Golf program won 5 Division III titles (1987, 1988, 1990, 1993 and 1995) and was the first Lancer team to reach a D1 national playoff.

Longwood alumni and former students include NBA great Jerome Kersey, former Major League baseball player Michael Tucker and singer-songwriter Jason Mraz.

The New Jersey admissions representative for Longwood is Tracy Debner.  Tracy can be reached at 1-800-281-4677 ext. 2 and at  Para los que hablan español, Olander Fleming can be reached at the same number and at

Longwood can be found on Facebook at “Longwood University”., and their Twitter account for Admissions is @whylongwood.  Here is the link to their YouTube channel.

So, we’re back on the road again with our Saturn and we’ve stopped in Farmville and “liked” a wonderful University.   (I have to wonder if the Campus Store sells Farmville money.)  Anyway, next stop for the Green Saturn, it’s……?????

TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011

Well, the Saturn needed a new battery, and College of the Day took a little siesta.  We’re back and, as we officially head into summer today, we travel to the home of the real boys of summer – the home of  the Little League World Series.

Pennsylvania College of Technology is located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  It was founded – depending on your line of thinking – in 1914, 1941, 1965 or 1989.

Its timeline is a testament to the growth of practical, applicable educational programming in this country.  In 1914, the high school industrial shop grew to include adult training programs.  In 1941, the program itself became Williamsport Training Institute.  In 1965, Williamsport Area Community College was founded, based upon WTI’s progams and facilities.  In 1989, the institution became Pennsylvania College of Technology, an affiliate of the Penn State system.

Penn College currently enrolls about 6300 matriculated undergraduate students – the 2nd largest enrollment within the Penn State system, and is the state’s largest workforce training facility.  It’s not hard to understand why the College’s slogan is “Degrees that Work“.  The 2010-2011 Out-of-State Tuition was 16,380 and Room and Board was $8400.

Penn College’s Academic offerings include Health Information Management, Residential Construction Technologies, Dental Hygiene, Culinary Arts and Systems, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Graphic Design, Forest Technology and Building Automation TechnologyThere are more than 100 academic programs offered at Penn College.

One benefit of visiting a school with a great culinary program is that you can enjoy a gourmet restaurant experience.  Here is a link to the fine dining at Le Jeune Chef Restaurant.

The Penn College Wildcats are a USCAA member athletics program (our first COTD that was not NCAA, NJCAA or NAIA).  The USCAA is a national collegiate athletic association specifically for small colleges.  The Wildcats were the USCAA 2008 National Champions in Men’s Golf.  In both 2010 and 2011, the Wildcats were the national runners-up in Archery.

Penn College alumni include the inventor of Caller ID, Ed McCabe, 4th generation Knoebel’s Amusement Park manager, Brian Knoebel and Food Network Challenge winners James Parker and Dean Yasharian.

The Penn College Admission representative for New Jersey is Brian Walton, who can be reached at and at 1-800-367-9222.

The Penn College Facebook page is entitled, “Pennsylvania College of Technology“.  Their Twitter account is @PennCollege.

Well, we’ve fired up the Saturn again and started summer at the birthplace of Little League.  From Williamsport, where do we go next?  Tune in on Thursday, when we are in…..??????

FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2011

Today, we take the Saturn on a trip to the “3rd best place to live in America” AND the town for which Fig Newtons are named.

Lasell College is located in beautiful and historic Newton, Massachusetts.  It was founded in 1851 as the Auburndale Female Seminary.  It became Lasell Junior College in 1932 and was recognized as the “first successful junior college” in the U.S.  In 1989, it became a baccalaureate institution.  In 1997, it became co-educational.  In 2002, Lasell added Masters programs to its repertoire.

Lasell has approximately 1550 matriculated undergraduate students and about 130 degree seeking graduate students.  They have enjoyed 11 straight years of increases in the amount of applications they have received.  Tuition for 2011-2012 will be $26,500 and Room and Board will be $12,300.

Lasell’s academic programs include Athletic Training, Communication, Fashion, Hospitality and Event Management, Sports Management and Sports Science.  They offer a new program in Sports Communication and a brand new minor in Aging and Intergenerational Studies.  One interesting feature is the Lasell Museum Collection of Historic Clothing. (couldn’t find a link; please share if you are aware of one).

The Lasell Lasers, with their mascot, “Boomer the Torchbearer”, are an NCAA Division 3 program.  Lasell‘s Women’s Soccer team won the GNAC Championship in 2010, and were Lasell’s first representatives in an NCAA national tournament.  Lasell participates in intercollegiate Basketball, Cross-Country, Lacrosse, Soccer, Track and Field and Volleyball for Men and Women, Men’s Baseball and Women’s Field Hockey and Softball.

Lasell alumni include the painter Elizabeth Jane Gardner and model, actress, pastry chef and triathlete Nancy Donahue.

To reach Lasell Admissions, you can contact New Jersey representative Kaitlyn McManus at or at 1-888-LASELL4 (527-3554).

The Lasell Admissions Facebook page is entitled, “Lasell College Admissions“.  Their Twitter account is @laselladmission.

Well, we’ve traveled from San Francisco to Newton, Mass this week (with a stopover at the NJACAC Conference in Long Branch, New Jersey!)  – from alligators to lasers and from “Peanuts” to Figs.  Tune in next week when we visit…..???? 

MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2011

I will always remember two things about June 6th.  The first is that it is the anniversary of D-Day.  The 2nd is that it is the birthday of one of my favorite baseball players from my youth.  Happy 67th Birthday, Buddy Harrelson!  And that brings us to today’s College of the Day….

San Francisco State University is located, unsurprisingly, in San Francisco, California.  It was founded in 1899 and has moved locations several times, including as a result of the 1906 Earthquake.  It settled in its current location in 1953.

SF State enrolls approximately 25,000 matriculated undergraduate students and an additional 5000 degree-seeking graduate students.  2010-2011 Out-of-State Tuition was $16,174 and Room and Board was $12,414.

SF State has a wide variety of academic programs, including Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Biology, Business Administration, Cinema, Japanese and Kinesiology.  It is the only University in the United States with a College of Ethnic Studies.

The San Francisco State Gators are an NCAA Division 2 program.  They were once the Golden Gaters (get it?) and then the Golden Gators before becoming, simply, the Gators in the early 1970’s.  The Gators were 1996-1997 National Wrestling Champions, were 5th at this year’s Women’s National 4X400 Relays and produced two Major League all-stars – Tommy Harper and Derrell McKinley “Buddy” Harrelson.

Along with Harper and Harrelson, other San Francisco State alumni and former students include Annette Bening, Dana Carvey, Peter Coyote, Danny Glover, George Fenneman, Greg Proops, writer Anne Rice, Vince Guaraldi (composer of all of that great “Peanuts” music) and Johnny Mathis.

You can reach the admissions office at and at 415-338-6486.

San Francisco State’s Facebook page is entitled, “San Francisco State University” and their Twitter account is @SFSU.

Well, so begins another week of travel.  The next two days will be spent at the NJACAC Annual Conference, in Long Branch, New Jersey, so I’m hoping to come back with more stories to share about more great colleges.

TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011

After a long weekend, the Saturn is back on the road to visit state #45 and school #87.  And we go back to basics – as easy as A-B-C.

Alderson-Broaddus College is located in Philippi, West VirginiaIt was founded in 1871.  Or, at least, Broaddus College was founded in 1871.  In Winchester, Virginia.  After a few twists and turns, Broaddus and Alderson Colleges merged in 1932 to create Alderson-Broaddus College.

“A-B” enrolls approximately 600 matriculated undergraduate students and an additional 120 matriculated graduate students.   Annual tuition for 2011-2012 will be $22,530 and Room and Board will be $7236.

A-B’s academic programs include Music, Elementary Education, Visual, Arts, Therapeutic Recreation, Christian Studies, Environmental Science and Recreational Sports Management.  Here is a link to Alderson-Broaddus on “iTunes U”.

The Alderson-Broaddus Battlers are an NCAA Division 2 program, with 5 Men’s sports and 6 Women’s teams.  The Men’s Basketball program has sent 8 teams to the NCAA tournament and the Women’s Soccer team was ranked in the top 10 in their region in 2010.

A-B alumni include Ed Schreck, former US Congressman and Illinois Wesleyan President, Richard Wilson.

The A-B Admissions office can be reached at 1-800-263-1549 and at

A-B’s Facebook page is entitled, “Alderson-Broaddus College and their Twitter account is @ABAdmissions.

Well, let me move on to school #88 and let Alderson-Broaddus celebrate as tomorrow will be the first day on the job for new College President,  Richard Creehan.  I wish Mr. Creehan and A-B continued success!   And, I’ll see all of you, on Thursday, in……??????

TUESDY, MAY 24, 2011

On the road again…A trip to State #44 brings us to Arkansas.  And a school that has, maybe, the coolest item listed when College guidebooks ask about “special facilities”.

Hendrix College is located in Conway, Arkansas.  It was founded in 1876 as Central Institute and went through a variety of transformations (of name and of age group served) until it became Hendrix College in 1889.  It was briefly known as Hendrix-Henderson College, from 1929-1931 after a merger with another local school, but returned to, simply, Hendrix College, in 1931 and has stayed as such ever since.

Hendrix enrolls approximately 1450 matriculated undergraduate students.  Tuition for the 2011-2012 academic year will be $33,930.  There is some variety within the Room and Board costs, based on type of residence hall and meal plan, but total Room and Board costs would be about $9000 – $10,000.

Hendrix’ academic programs include Environmental Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, International Relations, 3 English tracts, Biology and Chemical Physics.

The “special facilities” listing I mention is this: “access to elephant farm for research and volunteer research”.  Here’s the direct link to Riddle’s Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Hendrix is proud of its curriculum of “engaged learning” and is recognized by most national ranking systems, as well as Loren Pope’s wonderful CTCL: Colleges That Change Lives.

The Hendrix Warriors are an NCAA Division 3 program, offering 9 Men’s and 10 Women’s sports, including Men’s and Women’s programs in Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Swimming and Diving, Tennis and Track and Field.

Hendrix alumni include actor William Ragsdale (from my favorite forgotten sitcom, “Herman’s Head”), actress Mary Steenburgen, Pulitzer Prize winner Douglas Blackmon, and co-developer of the German Measles vaccine, Harry Meyer.

Hendrix College’s New Jersey Admissions representative is Associate Director of Admission, Fred Baker.  Fred can be reached at 1-800-277-9017 and at  Fred has been published in “Civil War Historian” and is also a fine musician.

Hendrix College’s Admissions Facebook page is entitled, “Hendrix College Admission and Financial Aid“.  The College’s Twitter account is @Hendrixnews.

Well, we checked off another state and only have a handful to go.  We’ve gone from Trinidad to Conway, from a gunsmithing institute to an elephant farm.  I’ll see you, all, on Thursday, in……??????

THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2011

We visit state #43 today, but to get to Colorado, we go to…Trinidad.

Trinidad State Junior College is located in Trinidad, Colorado.  It was founded in 1925 and is the oldest public two-year college in the state of Colorado.

TSJC has approximately 1750 matriculated students enrolled.  Annual tuition for out-of-state students is $5722.50 (assuming 30 credits) and annual Room and Board is $5118.

TSJC has strong Associates degree programs in Biology, Gunsmithing, Nursing,  Theater, Aquaculture, Natural Resources, Cosmetology and Engineering, among many other choices.

As an extension of the Gunsmithing Degree program, Trinidad State Junior College also offers the Brownells Trinidad American Gunsmithing Technologies Institute.

The Trinidad State Trojans are an NJCAA athletic program, offering varsity teams in Baseball, Softball, Men’s Golf, Women’s Volleyball and Men’s and Women’s Basketball.  The Baseball team went to the NJCAA World Series in 185, 1987 and 1992, while the Men’s Basketball team finished 8th in the nation in 1986.

Trinidad State alumni include retired NFL star Franklin Clarke and former MLB all-stars Danny Jackson and Mark Grudzielanek.

To reach the Trinidad State admissions office, you can call 1-800-621-TSJC.  The Admissions/Recruitment Specialist for TSJC is Erin Comden.  Erin can be reached at

There is a Facebook page entitled “Trinidad State Junior College”.  I see no direct link from the College’s website, so – while it seems appropriate – I cannot confirm whether it is an official site.

And, so another college, another state off the checklist.  We’ve gone to Trinidad to find Colorado, and met a school with a great Gunsmithing program and an alumnus who played in both the Bartman game AND the Gallaraga/Joyce game.  Just another day for the Saturn – only 3920 schools to go!  See you tomorrow in…….?????

TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011

We still have a handful of states we haven’t visited yet, in our quest.  But you can check off #42 today – hello, Montana!

Stone Child College is located in Box Elder, MT.  It was founded in 1984, to serve the academic needs, and preserve the culture, of the Chippewa-Cree Tribe.

There are currently approximately 200 matriculated students at Stone ChildAnnual tuition is $2450.  There are no residence halls.

Stone Child’s academic programs include Associate Degree programs in General Studies (with emphases in areas such as Native American Studies, Elementary Education, Water Quality and Natural Resources), Human Services (Addiction Studies and Native Communities), Business and Applied Science (Allied Health). 

Stone Child also has one of the coolest academic building names in the nation.  “Sitting Old Woman” Building is named after Stone Child’s late President, Margaret “Peggy” Nagel.  Sitting Old Woman was her given Indian name, and is considered a name of great honor, representing the wisdom of the elders reflected in her eyes, even at a young age.

The Stone Child Bear Paws compete in a League that was just initiated this past academic year.  Last Fall, six colleges came together to form The Montana Tribal College Basketball League.  The Bear Paws have both a Men’s and Women’s Team participating in the new league.

Half of all full-time staff at Stone Child are alumni of the institution.  Stone Child has graduated 513 students, in total, in its relatively brief history.

To receive more information regarding Stone Child Admissions, please call the Registrar’s Office at (406) 395-4875 X 222 or email Registrar Gyile Torres at

Although I don’t see a direct link on the website indicating that this is an official Facebook page, there is a Facebook page entitled “Stone Child College” that seems active.

Well, we’ve gone from Flint (Michigan) to Stone (Child College).  And we’ve finally come to “the Treasure State” and found a small gem of a school.  See you later in the week in…..????????

FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011

We travel today to a school once known as “General Motors Institute” – a school that has a Crash Safety Center and Fuel Cell Systems and Powertrain Integration Labs.

Kettering University is located in Flint, Michigan.  It was founded in 1919 and was originally known as The School of Automobile Trades”.  It became the General Motors Institute in 1926 and renamed Kettering University in 1998.

Kettering has over 2000 matriculated undergraduate students and over 300 degree seeking graduate students.   Tuition for the 2010-2011 academic year was $28,672 and Room and Board costs were $6440.

Academic programs at Kettering include Applied Physics, Applied Math, Business Administration and a variety of Engineering tracks, including Industrial, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering.

Kettering has a required “co-op” program (link includes a video about the program) and has 98% of its students either employed and/or accepted to graduate school upon graduation.

Athletically, Kettering is an anomaly.  Most schools I’ve profiled have a full intercollegiate sports schedule, while a few have none.  Kettering has 1 NCAA program.  The Kettering Bulldogs have participated in Division 3 Ice Hockey since 2008.

However, Kettering students are far from sedentary.  Beyond Ice Hockey, though, the College does offer clubs related to Rock Climbing, Ultimate, Paintball, Laser Tag and Off Road Vehicles.

Kettering Alumni include Chet Huber (President of On-Star), Richard Morris (VP for BMW), Matt Borland (NASCAR Sprint Cup Crew Chief), Donald Almquist (CEO of Delco) and Marissa Peterson (Executive VP for Sun Microsystems).

To reach the Kettering Admissions office, you can call 1-800-955-4464.  Kettering’s Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Karen Full, can be contacted directly at

Kettering’s Facebook page is entitled, “KettNet – The Kettering University Network”.  Their Twitter account is @KetteringU.   Here is the link to their YouTube account.

And so ends another week – from Carmela Soprano to NASCAR, from Yogi Berra to Crash Testing.  I’ll put the Saturn back in the driveway and see you on Monday, in……????????

TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2011

Today, we travel to a school that was both the first “green college” to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the EPA and also enrolled Carmela Soprano.

Montclair State University is located in Upper Montclair, New Jersey and was founded in 1908.  It began its life, like most public colleges in New Jersey as a teaching college.

MSU has grown to become the 2nd largest University in the state. with approximately 13,500 matriculated undergraduate students and about 3000 degree seeking graduate students.  Current annual tuition is $7333 for in-state residents Room and Board costs range greatly in terms of quantity of roommates and type of meal plan.  The range is from $8712 to $13,558.

Montclair State offers over 250 majors, minors and concentrationsAnimation, Ilustration, Physical Education, Food Management, Linguistics, Bioinformatics and Retail Merchandising Management are some of the less common choices among the wide variety of academic choices at MSU, as well as a PhD program in Environmental Management.

Montclair State is the home of the New Jersey School of Conservation and the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children, as well as the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center.

The Montclair State Red Hawks are an NCAA Division 3 program, with 5 National titles in Baseball (1987, 1993 and 2000) and Wrestling (1976 and 1986).  

Former students include alumni NBA Coach and Broadcaster Mike Fratello, NFL great Sam Mills and Women’s Basketball legend Carol Blazejowski, as well as poet Allen Ginsberg and actor Bruce Willis, who both started at MUS, but did not finish.

To reach the Admissions office, you can call 1-800-331-9205 or email them at

MSU has multiple social media accounts.  Their Undergraduate Admissions Facebook page is entitled, “Montclair State University Undergraduate Admissions”.  Their Twitter Account is @MSUadmission.

Well, we’ve started another great week with Red Hawks and a Green Campus.  See you tomorrow in……?????

FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2011

Had the pleasure yesterday of learning about a brand new program in an area of study near and dear to my heart.  Figured this would be as good a time as any to profile the school that is about to offer said program.  Before today, I mostly remembered them as a school that once had a (really cool) ROUND viewbook.  But there’s a whole lot more to this oceanfront school with 3 beaches…

Endicott College is located in Beverly, Massachusetts.  It was founded in 1939 as a 2 year Women’s College.  In 1988, it became a 4 year institution, and just 6 years later, in 1994, became co-educational.  Endicott now offers Masters programs, as well.

Endicott enrolls about 2300 matriculated undergraduates and almost 600 matriculated graduate students.  2010-2011 annual tuition is $25,848 and Room and Board is $12,388.

Endicott is located on a 231 acre oceanfront campus with 3 beaches and a state of the art conference center.

Endicott’s academic programs will include, in 2011, (drum roll please) Internet Studies.   The College offers dozens of academic fields of study, including Business, Communication, Education, Hospitality Management, Nursing, Athletic Training and Interior Design. 

Endicott also offers a 3 year accelerated baccalaureate program for those who want to challenge themselves and save some money.

The Endicott Gulls are an NCAA Division III program.  Endicott offers 10 Men’s and 9 Womens’ Varsity teams, and an additional 9 Club teams (3 Mens’, 6 Womens’).  The Gulls were a 2008 NCAA Regional Finalist in Women’s Softball and a 2007  NCAA “Sweet 16” team in Women’s Soccer.

Endicott alumni include media personality (and former Miss USA) Susie Castillo.

To reach the Endicott Admissions office, call them at 800-325-1114, or email them at

Endicott can be found on Facebook on several pages.  The main college page is “Endicott College”.   Their Twitter account is @EndicottCollege.

From Idaho to Massachusetts, from a Skiing dynasty to a brand new Internet Studies program.  So, we made it through another week at College of the Day.  Another fun ride, as always.  See you on Monday, in……??????


Yes, it’s been awhile.  I apologize.  But I’ve got the Saturn tuned up and we’re ready to roll again.  And we’re off to take our first visit to Idaho.

The College of Idaho is located in Caldwell, Idaho.  It was founded in 1891 and may be the only school we’ve visited that changed its name and then later went back to its original name.  Known as the College of Idaho until 1991, it was then known as Albertson College from 1991-2007.  It returned to the “C of I” moniker in 2007.

The College of Idaho enrolls about 1000 matriculated undergraduate students and a handful of graduate students.  The 2011-2012 full time annual tuition will be $21,940.  There are numerous Room and Board plans, of varying cost.

There are over 20 academic majors in areas such as Political Economy, Environmental Studies, Composition/Music Theory and Business.  Features include a Museum of Natural History, a Herborium and a Performing and Fine Arts Center.  The Caldwell Fine Arts series has produced world class events since 1961, as a cooperative effort between the community and the College.

Former “C of I” students include Supermarket Chain founder Joe Albertson, and NBA legend Elgin Baylor, who played his first collegiate season there.

The College of Idaho Coyotes (also known as the ‘Yotes) are an NAIA athletic program.  They have produced a National Baseball Championship team (1998), a National Basketball Championship team (1996) and multiple National Skiing titles at both the individual and team level.  In fact, the Idaho legislature issued a proclamation this year in the Ski Teams’ honor.

To reach the Admissions office, you can call 1-800-224-3246 or contact the New Jersey admissions rep, Ryan Aldrich, directly at

The College of Idaho Facebook page is entitled, simply enough, “The College of Idaho“.   I could find no Twitter account for the C of I.

Well, the Saturn’s still running and we’ve checked off state #41 (and College #80).  Miles to go before we sleep.  Tune in late Thursday when we park in…..?????


Well, we haven’t been to the District of Columbia until today.  Let’s make a stop at a school that is federally chartered and has all of its diplomas signed by the President of the United States.  And is officially bi-lingual.

Gallaudet University is located in Washington, D.C.  It was founded in 1857 and currently enrolls about 1050 matriculated undergraduate students and an additional 400 matriculated graduate students.  Next year’s annual tuition will be $11,610 and Room and Board will be $10,060.

Gallaudet is the only U.S. institution of higher learning in which all of the programs and services are specifically designed for the deaf and the hearing impaired.  It is federally chartered, has its diplomas signed by the President of the United States and must get permission of the Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Education to sell any of its property.  It is officially bilingual (English and American Sign Language).

Gallaudet’s academic majors include Business, Communication Studies, Education, Interpretation, International Studies, Recreation and Sports Management and Theater Arts.

The Gallaudet Bisons are an NCAA Division III program, with 12 teams, including a Women’s Volleyball team that made the NCAA “Sweet Sixteen” in 2006, a Women’s Basketball team that made the NCAA tournament this past season and a Baseball team that has, in 2011, already reached its highest win total since 1899.  Yes, 1899.

9 U.S. Presidents have visited Gallaudet, from Ulysses S. Grant to Bill Clinton.  The Gallaudet campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Gallaudet’s Admissions representative for New Jersey is Becky Sheffer.  Becky can be reached at

There is a Gallaudet Facebook page entitled, “Gallaudet University” and a Twitter account @Gallaudet.  However, I see no direct link to either on the Gallaudet Website and will try to confirm whether they are official college acccounts.

Well, we’ve visited our Nation’s Capital for the first time and found a fascinating, historic institution.  Tomorrow, I guess we will visit…..?????


We are off to Kirksville, Missouri to profile a College that started life as “North Missouri Normal School and Commercial College”.  Today, the former NMNSCC – many years and many names later – is completely wireless, does not charge an admission fee and is proud to be “National Ranked, Affordable and Personal”.

Truman State University is located, as mentioned, in Kirksville, Missouri.  It was founded in 1867.

Current undergraduate enrollment is approximately 5600 and Truman State enrolls about 250 graduate students.  Annual out-of-state tuition for next year will be $12,316 and Room and Board, on the average is $7254.

Truman offers a variety of interesting and respected academic programs, including Accounting (some of the best pass rates in the nation on the Uniform CPA exam), a BFA in Creative Writing, a very popular Biology major (with a variety of pre-professional options), Interdisciplinary Studies (where you can design your own program, with faculty guidance) and a five year program, leading to the MA in Education.

Truman also offers some great internship opportunities, including opportunities to work with U.S. Senators, the U.S. Supreme Court and the Governor of Missouri.

Truman also has some great campus stories and traditions, including the Ghost of Centennial Hall (Joan, by name), the Weather Vane locked in a northeast position in honor of the college’s roots, the Bell Wall, the annual “Hickory Stick” Football game and – maybe the most interesting tradition of all – the Gum Tree.  The original tree was knocked down by vandals in 2000, but a new tree soon emerged.  Click here for a link on the College’s library website photo of the Gum Tree.

The Truman State Bulldogs are an NCAA Division II athletic programThey offer 20 teams, including a Women’s Swimming Program that has won 7 national titles since 2001.  Beyond the traditional NCAA sports, Truman also boats of a nationally ranked IHSA Equestrian program and a nationally ranked roller hockey team.

Truman alumni include Emmy nominated Jenna Fischer (Theater major), WWE superstar Glen Jacobs (Kane was an English Lit major!), boxing great Ken Norton (Elementary Education) and NBA legend Harry Gallatin.

To reach the Truman Admissions office, you can contact Tristan Dollinger, who works with New Jersey applicants.  Tristan is at and his cell phone number is 660-341-3363.  Also in the Admission office is New Jersey native Beth Clausing, who can be reached at and 660-341-7379.

Truman State can be found on Facebook, at “Truman State University” and on Twitter at @TrumanState.

It’s a short week this week.  With the kids home for Spring Break, and Easter on the horizon, our next College of the Day will be on Monday.  I have to say that the Truman State folks have been among the most cooperative, pleasant, accommodating people I’ve interacted with for College of the Day – thank you, Kara, Beth and Dawn!!  I’ll see you everyone on Monday, in….????

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2011

We come to state #40.  The 2nd week of my honeymoon was in this state, I’ve been on this (beautiful) college campus a couple of times for a regional college fair and I think I’ve heard this school’s name pronounced incorrectly more than I’ve heard it said correctly.  Live Free or Die, everyone!

St. Anselm College is located in Manchester, New Hampshire.  It was founded in 1889 and is the third oldest Catholic College in New England.

St. Anselm has approximately 1900 matriculated undergraduate students.  Current annual tuition is $31,575 and Room and Board is $11,630.

St. Anselm’s Academic Programs still hold true to the College’s Benedictine roots, believing in “nurturing education that nourishes the whole student”.  There are 32 major offerings at St. Anselm, from Classics to Communication to Computer Science, from International Business to International Relations, and one of my favorite majors we’ve seen so far – “Liberal Studies in the Great Books“.

St. Anselm, located as it is in the state with the nation’s first Presidential Primary, has played an active role in the Presidential election process, from serving as the site for candidate debates to hosting speeches from Presidents Kennedy and Nixon.

The St. Anselm Hawks are a member of the NCAA’s Division II.  They offer 20 teams, including a Men’s Ice Hockey team that has won 5 Northeast 10 Conference titles.

St. Anselm alumni include Archbishop of Quebec, Gerald Lacroix, former NFL player and coach Ray Maclean (who immediately preceded Vince Lombardi as Coach of the Green Bay Packers) and current Director of the U.S. Secret Service, Mark Sullivan.

To reach the St. Anselm College admission office, you can call 888-426-7356 or email them at  The New Jersey contact for St. Anselm is Kevin Roy, who can be reached at and at 603-656-6009.

Saint Anselm College can be found on Facebook, at “Saint Anselm College” and on Twitter, at @saintanselm.

In case you are wondering, the 2nd week of my honeymoon was in North Conway (the first week was in Newcastle, Maine) and I’ve – more often than not – heard people pronounce this institution as “Saint Anslem’s” rather than the proper “Saint Anselm’s.  Well, 10 states to go – and more importantly, about 3900 more colleges.  See you next in….?????

FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011

April 15.  Tax Day.  So, I give you a College with the initial IRS.  (Well, IRSC, anyway…)

Indian River State College is located in Fort Pierce, Florida.  It also offers branch campuses in Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Vero Beach and Okeechobee.  IRSC was founded in 1960.  It was originally known as Indian River Junior College and went through several name changes before becoming Indian River State College in 2008.

IRSC enrolls about 9600 matriculated undergraduate students and additional 6700 non-degree studentsCurrent out-of-state tuition is $10,530.   There is limited on-campus housing, at “The River Hammock”.

IRSC has transitioned into a four year institution over the past few years.  Its academic offerings now include over 150 Bachelor’s Degree, Associate Degree and Technical Certificate programs, including bachelor’s degrees in fields such as Human Services, Digital Media and Organizational Management and Associates programs in areas like Marine Science, Forestry and Musical Theater.

Indian River State College may have simply the most amazing sports dynasty in the history of college sports.  Period.  The last time the Indian River State Pioneers did NOT win the NJCAA Men’s Swimming and Diving championship Gerald Ford was President.  Or Richard Nixon.  I’m not exactly sure.  But it was 1974.  36 consecutive national titles.   The Women’s team hasn’t fared so well – they’ve only won every national title since 1983 (plus 3 more in the 1970’s).

Current major league baseball players who attended IRSC include Angel Pagan, Luke Scott and Steve Pearce.

To reach the admissions office, you can call 866-866-4722 or email them at

IRSC’s Facebook page is entitled, “IRSC – Indian River State College“.  I do find a Twitter account @IRSCTheRiver, but I can find no direct link on the home page to confirm that this is an official site.

Indian River, Lake Tahoe, Peterburg and the shores of New London.  Interesting week.  Thanks for joining me!  See you on Monday, in …….?????


Another state we hadn’t visited yet was Nevada.  We take care of that today, with a fascinating school located on Lake Tahoe.  One of the more interesting schools we’ve looked at so far!

Sierra Nevada College is located in Incline Village, Nevada, right on the shores of Lake Tahoe.  It was founded in 1969 and currently enrolls approximately 380 matriculated undergraduate students and another 160 post-baccalaureate students.

Current annual tuition is $24,596 and Room and Board is $9750.

Sierra Nevada is located within 45 minutes of 10 resorts, with access to both legendary mountains and a famous body of water.  But it also has a well-respected, diverse set of academic programs, including Business (programs such as Ski Business and Resort Management, Entrepreneurship and Global Business Management), Fine Arts (programs such as New Genres and Digital Arts), Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies (including Sustainability, Digital Arts and Outdoor Adventure Leadership), Education and the Sciences (Environmental Policy).

As if that combination of courses and campus wasn’t enough, here is a link to their summer program in Patagonia.

They don’t have a lot of sports at Sierra Nevada College – just two.  But those two programs – Skiing and Snowboarding – have produced at least one national championship in 19 of the last 21 years for the Sierra Nevada Eagles.

To reach the admissions office, you can call 866-412-4636 or email them at I’m checking to see if there is a specific counselor for New Jersey; I’ll let you know.

Sierra Nevada College’s Facebook page is entitled, “Sierra Nevada College, Lake Tahoe“.  Their Twitter account is @snclaketahoe.

So, Thursday finds us at Lake Tahoe, at a school with a diverse array of academic majors and a skiing and snowboarding dynasty.  And summer classes in Patagonia.  Can’t complain.   But, where do we end the week?  See you tomorrow, in…??????


Today, we visit state #38.  Amazed that I haven’t been here before this, but I travel today to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Richard Bland College of the College of William and Mary (heretofore referred to as “RBC“) is located in Petersburg, VA. It was founded in 1960 and is a two year public institution.  It is the only junior college in Virginia to offer housing and has guaranteed admission programs with 15 four-year public institutions in Virginia – over 90% of RBC graduates go on to 4-year study.

There are approximately 1550 students at RBC.  Out of state tuition is currently $12,394 and Out of State Room and Board is approximately $11,000 (there is some variance among 1,2,3 or 4 bedroom living arrangements.

RBC offers an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science program, in preparation for transfer.  The AA programs include emphasis options in English, Government, History and Philosophy. The AS programs offer opportunities for 8 different emphases, including Behavioral Science, Nursing, Visual Arts and Radiation Science.

While RBC does not participate in NJCAA intercollegiate sports, it does offer club teams in Basketball and Tennis (Men’s and Women’s), as well as Soccer (listed as a Men’s team, but open to Women, as well).

To reach the admissions office, you can call 804-862-6249 or email them at

Richard Bland College’s Facebook page is entitled, “Richard Bland College.  Their Twitter account is @RBCdsa.

(Since  you were wondering, Richard Bland was a dedicated and influential Virginia statesmen who served in the House of Burgess and later, the House of Delegates, for the area that now includes the College campus.  The more you know…)  I’ll see you Thursday, in state #39….

MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011

4 1/2 months.  72 colleges.  36 states.  So, it seemed to me to be a good time to visit the other 14 states and the District of Columbia.  And we start this week in Connecticut…

Mitchell College is located in New London, Connecticut. It was founded in 1938 and currently enrolls a shade under 1000 students in its Baccalaureate and Associates programs.  Current annual tuition is $26,907 and Room and Board is $12,127.

Mitchell College is nationally known for its Learning Resource Center for Students with Learning Disabilities.  Approximately 25% of the student body is enrolled in the LRC program.

Mitchell’s academic offerings include Hospitality and Tourism, Early Childhood Education, Business (including Entrepreneurship), Criminal Justice and Sport and Fitness Management. They have a specific Discovery Program for Undecided students. Mitchell awarded its first bachelors degrees – in Human Development and Family Studies – in 2000.

Mitchell’s campus certainly deserves a mention – it includes 2 beaches, a dock with a sailboat fleet, a hiking trail and a nature preserve.

The Mitchell Mariners are members of the NCAA’s Division III. Intercollegiate sports include co-ed Sailing (of course!), as well as 7 Men’s Sports and 6 Women’s Sports.

To reach the Admissions office, you can call 1-800-443-2811 or email them at  The admission rep for NJ, NY and PA is Sean Corcoran. Sean can be reached at, and – via cell – at 860-941-9351.  His office number is 860-701-5045.

Their Facebook page is entitled, Mitchell College” and their Twitter Account is @Mitchell College.  Curiously, the Twitter account lists a Groton, CT location, not New London.

Well, it’s now 73 schools in 37 states.  Where to next?  I guess I’ll see you tomorrow in….????


Making my way back to New Jersey, but I’m making a stop in Berks County, PA before we outen the lights, for ve get too soon old und too late schmart.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is located, unsurprisingly, in Kutztown, PA. It was founded in 1866 to meet the post-Civil War demand for teachers.  It started as Keystone Normal School, evolved into Kutztown State Teachers College in 1928, then Kutztown State College in 1960 and Kutztown University in 1983.

There are approximately 9200 matriculated undergraduate students at Kutztown, and an additional 800 graduate studentsOut-of-state annual tuition is currently $16,438 and Room and Board is $8094.

Kutztown’s academic offerings still include a strong Education program, multiple Counseling programs, Biology and Marine Science, Business, Theatre and 2 separate Library Science tracks.

Kutztown is also home to the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center.   The link provided lists upcoming events and information about the center.

Kutztown alumni include former NFL stars Andre Reed and Bruce Harper, as well as professional baseball player Ryan Vogelsong and pro wrestler Bill DeMott.

The Kutztown Golden Bears are an NCAA Division II program, with 20 team sports (7 Men’s, 13 Women’s).   The Women’s Bowling team is competing in their 1st NCAA National Championship Tournament next week.

To reach the Admissions office at Kutztown, you can call 1-877-628-1915 or email them at

The Kutztown Admissions office Facebook page is entitled “Kutztown University Undergraduate Admissions“. The College Twitter account is @KutztownU.

And so, I will take Routes 22 and 78 home.  It’s been  a great week, visiting Massachusetts, New Mexico, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the week as much as I have, and I look forward to seeing you on Monday in…..????


From our first visit to New Mexico to our first stop in Ohio.  C’s aren’t always good in academe, but here they are wonderful and plentiful, from Cable Courses to Challengers to Corporate College to Cleveland.  Even the name and website of this institution travel the high C’s…

Cuyahoga Community College has campuses in Highland Hills, Parma, Westlake, Brunswick and downtown Cleveland. It was founded in 1963 and was the 1st community college in Ohio.

Tri-C has over 31,000 students enrolled this Spring in its campus based courses, online courses, Corporate College and Cable Courses (courses on local television).  Out of the state tuition is $228.94 per credit.

The numbers at Tri-C are impressive.  In a given semester, there are 1000+ credit courses and 600+ non-credit courses in over 140 academic programs.

The range of available programs is staggering.  Those 140+ programs include courses in Pile Driving, Chinese, Deaf Interpretive Services, E-Business, Humanities, Latin, Massotherapy (General, Geriatric AND Post-Degree), Polysomnography and Sterile Processing and Distribution.  (Just to name a few)

The Cuyahoga Community College Challengers are members of the NJCAA Division II and have won national titles on two occasions, with their 1976 Men’s Wrestling team and their 2004 Men’s Basketball team. I should point out, however, that Tri-C no longer offers intercollegiate wrestling, but they do offer 7 intercollegiate teams.

Cuyahoga Community College alumni and former students include gymnast Dominique Moceanu, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, major league baseball player Jeff Shaw and NBA star Ben Wallace.

To reach the admissions office, you can call 800-954-8742 or email

Tri-C’s Facebook page is entitled, “Cuyahoga Community College”.   Their Twitter account is @TriCedu.

One more school to go.  I’ll see you Friday in…..?????


Well, I hope the Saturn holds up – we’re going from Springfield, Massachusetts to Santa Fe, to make our first trip to New Mexico to visit another wonderful school that far too few people know about.

The Institute of American Indian Arts was founded in 1962. It has a 140 acre campus on the southern edge of Santa Fe and currently enrolls about 330 undergraduate students.

Annual Tuition is currently $2640 and Room and Board charges vary based on plan. There is family housing available.

IAIA’s academic offerings includes 5 associate degree programs and 2 certificate programs, in addition to its 5 baccalaureate programs: BFA programs in Creative Writing, Studio Arts and New Media Arts and BA programs in Museum Studies and Indigenous Liberal Studies.  IAIA also operates the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, also in Santa Fe.

IAIA does not offer intercollegiate sports, although there are a variety of clubs and organizations, as well as other social opportunities.  The Student Activities page mentions Native lacrosse and stickball.

IAIA Alumni include Gerald McMaster, Plains Cree-Siksika First Nation Author, Artist and Curator and Randy’L He-dow Teton, the only living person who appears on American currency.

To reach the admissions office, you can call 800-804-6422 or email

IAIA’s Facebook page is “Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)“.  Their Twitter account is @IAIASantaFe.

So, we’ve taken an unusual start to the week – Massachusetts to New Mexico.  Tomorrow’s the weekly blog post, so we get an extra travel day to arrive, on Thursday, in……?????


Trying to find inspiration for today’s College of the Day.  Let’s see – tonight is the Men’s College Basketball final.  And last night was Wrestlemania.  Of course!

Springfield Collegeis located, logically enough, in Springfield, Massachusetts. But is also offers classes at 11 other sites around the U.S., including Houston, San Diego, Tampa and Milwaukee.

Springfield College was founded in 1885 as the International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School.   It currently enrolls approximately 2300 matriculated undergraduate students and 5100 students, in total.  Current annual tuition is $28,585 and Room and Board is $11,520.

Springfield’s unique academic philosophy is built around humanics. I must admit that I was not familiar with the word before today, but humanics is an age-old Greek principle of developing the balanced individual, in mind, spirit and body. Within that philosophy, Springfield does offer over 40 different undergraduate majors, including Art, Art Therapy, EMS Management, Recreation Management and Sports Biology.

The Springfield College Pride compete in the NCAA’s Division III.  They have well over 20 intercollegiate teams, including a Men’s Wrestling team that was the fourth in the nation to reach 900 wins (2008), 6 National Titles in Men’s Volleyball (all since 1998), 3 National titles in Men’s Soccer (1946, 1947 and 1957) and an appearance in the 2nd NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament way back in 1940.

But Springfield College’s athletic history goes far beyond national titles and team success.  An alumnus and faculty member named Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891, trying to keep students in line through the cold New England winter.  A classmate of Naismith’s, Dr. William G. Morgan, invented the game of Volleyball just four years later, in 1895.  Other alumni include Steve Spagnuolo, current coach of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, 2010 bronze winner Erin Pac (Bobsled). 1964 Olympic Gold medal wrestler Jeff Blatnick, major league pitcher Wayne Granger and WWE star John Cena, who captained the Springfield football team and was an All American at Center.  And participated in the main event at yesterday’s Wrestlemania.

Springfield College Admissions office can be reached at 1-800-343-1257 and at admissions@spfldcol.eduThe Admission Counselor responsible for New Jersey students is Danielle Harrison.  Danielle can be reached at

Springfield College’s Facebook page is entitled, “Springfield College”.  Their Twitter account is @SpfldCollege.

So, we start the week with a school that produced James Naismith AND John Cena.  Not sure where we go from here, but I’ll see you tomorrow in ……????


We’ve survived March Madness and onward we go to the first day of April.  And we find ourselves in the beautiful Saquatashog River Valley of Pennsylvania.

Faber College is, as mentioned, located in the Saquatashog River Valley, in Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1904, by Emil Faber.

Faber was the father of the modern lead pencil, as well as a philanthropist.  But he regretted never receiving a college degree and so endowed the institution that was soon to bear his name.  (Faber did, in fact, later receive an honorary degree from his namesake school.)  The Faber campus is actually located on the site of the original Faber Pencil Works.

The Faber athletic teams are known as the Mongols, in honor of the most famous of Emil’s pencils.

Their Facebook page is entitled, “Faber College”.

You may also know Faber from its legendary motto – “Knowledge is Good“.  Or for having the most famous campus band in history, Otis Day and the Knights.  Here’s a link to their classic interpretation of the Isley Brothers’ hit, “Shout”.

Happy 1st of April, everyone.  See you on Monday, in….?????


I realized that I hadn’t profiled any of my local New Jersey schools during March Madness.  So, I did a little research.  I found 2 NIT Men’s Champs (Seton Hall in 1953 and Princeton in 1975) and only 2 other champs in all levels of Men’s and Women’s NJCAA and NCAA national tournaments.  One we have profiled already – Gloucester Community College, who won the NJCAA Men’s D3 title in 1994.  The other is the only New Jersey school to enjoy more than one national championship.

Mercer County Community College is located in Trenton, New Jersey and also offers a campus in West Windsor. It was founded in 1966.

Currently, Mercer has about 8600 matriculated students and an additional 1000 non-degree students.  Out of district tuition is currently $5085 annually for 30 credits.

Mercer offers a wide variety of degree and certificate programs, including Aviation Management, Culinology, Digital Media Arts, Funeral Services, Game Design and Ornamental Horticulture. It also has some more “traditional” majors, such as Business, Nursing and Liberal Arts.

The Mercer Vikings are members of the NJCAA’s Division I.   They have won 14 National titles, including 8 in Men’s Soccer, 4 in Women’s Tennis and 2 in Men’s Basketball (1973, 1974).  The 2 Basketball titles make them the only New Jersey College – to the best of my research – to possess multiple national basketball titles.

To reach the admissions office, you can email or call 609-570-3795.

Mercer is on Facebook, at “Mercer County Community College” and on Twitter, @MercerCollege.

And, so March Madness closes in New Jersey.  It’s been a fun ride and I’ve learned about many colleges I knew far too little about.  We’ve traveled up and down the Mississippi, along the Ohio and we finish next to the Delaware.  I hope you’ve enjoyed.  So, where do we go for April Fool’s Day.  How about……?????


Well, March Madness continues, but we’re not on the Mississippi today.  We’re on its largest tributary, though.  On the banks of the Ohio, we visit a school that did not have a national champion – until Saturday.

Bellarmine University is located in Louisville, Kentucky. It was founded in 1950 and became a University in 2000.  There are approximately 3100 students at Bellarmine, including 2150 matriculated undergraduate students and an additional 650 matriculated graduate students. Despite a 60+ year history, there have been only 3 Presidents in the history of the University.

Annual tuition is currently $30,310 and Room and Board is $8550.

Bellarmine’s academic programs include both the expected –  Business, Communications (6 separate tracks), Nursing, Music and Art, and the less likely – Respiratory Therapy, Art Administration and Actuarial Science, among its dozens of majors.

The Bellarmine Knights participate in the NCAA’s Division II.   They have 17 intercollegiate teams, including a Men’s Basketball team that won the University’s first national championship this past Saturday, with a 71-68 win over BYU-Hawaii.

Bellarmine alumni include former NBA Coach John MacLeod and nationally syndicated cartoonist Bruce Tinsley (“Mallard Fillmore”).

Bellarmine has an admissions counselor specifically for the state of New Jersey. Laura Vazquez can be reached at and at 502-272-8272.

Bellarmine has a Facebook page just for the Admissions office, at “Bellarmine Admissions”.  Their Twitter Account is @BellarmineAdmit.

So, we’ve branched out as we traveled down the Mississippi.  We’ve now found ourselves on the Ohio River.  But, I’ve got to think some of these NCAA champs are from schools “in-land”.  So, tomorrow, let’s go to……???

MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011

On the road again..We started last week at one end of the Mississippi River and we start this week at the other end.  But we still find March Madness.  How does 7 national titles in the last 18 years strike you?

Anoka-Ramsey Community College is located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, with an additional campus in Cambridge, MN.  It was founded in 1965 and has approximately 7500 matriculated students and an additional 4000 non-degree students.

Current annual out-of-state tuition is $4487.  ( I can find no difference in “in-state” or “out-of-state” costs; I will try to triple-check that for all of you.  If this is true, this is a remarkably affordable option.).  There is no on-campus housing, but rental units are available within walking distance of the campus.

Anoka-Ramsey offers a variety of academic programs, including a general Associate of Arts degree program, as well as programs in Biomedical Technology, Pre-Engineering and a new A.F.A. in Theater. The Art program also includes courses in their Glass Blowing Studio!

The Anoka-Ramsey Rams are members of the NJCAA, at the Division III level. There participate in Men’s Baseball, Women’s Softball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Women’s Volleyball and Men’s and Women’s Basketball.  But it is the Women’s Basketball team that has brought them the greatest acclaim.  They have won the National titles in 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2005, 2007 and (as of two weeks ago) 2011.

To reach the Anoka-Ramsey admissions office, call 763-433-1300 or you can email them at

Anoka-Ramsey’s Facebook page is entitled, “Anoka-Ramsey Community College“.  Their Twitter account is @AnokaRamseyCC.

Well, we start another week on the mighty Mississippi.  But where do we go tomorrow.  I’ll see you then, in…..??


Well, we went to Mississippi to find Cleveland, so I think there is nothing wrong this week by going to California to get to Pennsylvania.  And instead of the Mississippi, we are on the banks of the mighty Monongahela.  March Madness continues with the 2004 Division II Women’s Basketball champs!

California University of Pennsylvania is located in California, Pennsylvania, alongside the aforementioned Monongahela.  It was founded in 1852 and had a long run as a Normal School or Teacher’s College.  Cal U. became Cal U, by reaching University status in 1983.

Cal U. has approximately 7100 matriculated undergraduate students and approximately 2000 matriculated graduate students.  Annual tuition for out-of-state students is $11,796 and Room and Board is $9826.

Cal U. offers a very diverse curriculum, with over 150 academic majors (including Undecided). Education is still a popular and respected program.  The College offers 3 types of Engineering degrees and majors ranging from Professional Golf Management to Graphics and Multi Media.

Cal U. participates in the NCAA’s Division II. The team name is one we haven’t come across before on College of the Day – they are the Vulcans! They can claim 4 National championships in 3 sports (Women’s Basketball in 2004, Softball in 1997 and 1998 and Men’s Ice Hockery (at the D3 level) in 2008. Their teams have also made numerous appearances in the Elite Eight and Final Four in various sports.

Cal U. alumni include the COO of Cablevision, Tom Rutledge and former Major League Baseball pitcher Bruce Dal Canton.

You can reach the admissions office by calling 888-412-0479 or emailing them at There is a link for counselors by state, and if you click on New Jersey, it brings you to Barry Bilitsky, who can be reached directly at

The California University of Pennsylvania Facebook page is entitled, “California University of Pennsylvania”. Their Twitter account is @CalUofPA.

Well, we’ve traveled the Mississippi and the Monongahela, with a visit to Loch Sheldrake in-between.  Where do we go tomorrow?  Maybe…....


As we continue on our March Madness journey, we travel from the mighty Mississippi to the slightly less known Loch known as Sheldrake.  I give you the host of this year’s NJCAA Division III Men’s Basketball tournament and a D3 powerhouse in its own right.

Sullivan County Community College is, indeed, located in Loch Sheldrake, New York. It was founded in 1962 and moved to its current location in 1973.  There are approximately 1400 matriculated students enrolled, and 1700 students in total.

SUNY Sullivan is something of a rarity – a community college with residence facilities, offering both an on-campus hall and an off-campus EcoGreen Townhouse complex.  Residence costs vary (here’s a link with more info),  but the Out of the State annual tuition is $8266.

SUNY Sullivan offers over 40 academic programs, including AAS programs in Emergency Management, Green Building Maintenance and Management, Medical Assistant and Hospitality and Tourism Management, and AOS programs in Culinary Arts, Construction Technology and Pastry Arts and a Certificate program in Tourism, as well as an Honors program.

There is a strong commitment to sustainability at SUNY Sullivan, as indicated by both its academic programming and its day to day operations.  Here is a link to their “Going Green” webpage.

The SUNY Sullivan Generals participate in the NJCAA’s Division III. They offer 10 sports teams, including Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Cross Country, Outdoor Track and Golf, Men’s Baseball and Coed Cheerleading.

The Men’s Basketball program has won 4 National titles (1992, 1995, 1996 and 2007) and has the most appearances of any program (10) in the NJCAA DIII tournament.

Gene Simmons is a graduate of Sullivan County Community College.

To reach the admissions office, you can call 1-800-577-5243 or email them at  You can also contact any of the staff directly (just got a wonderful email from them – Jim at or Steve at or Klu at

They also wanted me to let you know that their Open House is coming up on May 7th, including live music, Kite Day, a film festival and an art show.

SUNY Sullivan’s Facebook page is entitled, “SUNY Sullivan” and their Twitter account is @SUNY_Sullivan.

And so, we continue on our journey of March Madness, where there are many success stories and championships not seen played out on office pool brackets or on ESPN.  Let’s see where tomorrow takes us…

MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011

We continue our “March Madness” tour with a visit to Cleveland.  But the famous body of water we’re next to is not Lake Erie.  We’re in the Mississippi Delta.

Delta State University is in Cleveland, Mississippi.  It was founded in 1924, as a state Teacher’s College.

DSU has approximately 3100 matriculated undergraduate students enrolled there and about 900 matriculated graduate students.  Current annual out-of-state tuition is $12,558 and Room and Board is $6002.

Delta State offers 38 undergraduate majors. Some of the more popular and well-known include Education (keeping true to its roots), Commercial Aviation (there’s an airport on campus!), Music (the Delta Music Institute is coordinated by Grammy Winner Tricia Walker)  and Nursing.

An interesting feature to DSU’s College of Arts and Sciences (that I don’t think we’ve come across anywhere else)  is its Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Information Technologies .

The Delta State Statesmen and Lady Statesmen participate in the NCAA’s Division II. They are also known by another nickname, however.  In the late 1980’s, the “Fighting Okra” became an unofficial team name and mascot.

The Lady Statesmen have one of the most storied Women’s Basketball programs in the country – for the most part, built around two coaches.  Hall of Famer Margaret Wade played at DSU and then, after the program had been dormant for decades, was its first coach in 1973, upon its return.  Coach Wade led DSU to 3 consecutive NAIA titles and a 51 game winning streak in the mid-70’s.  The Wade Trophy for the top Collegiate player in the nation is named after her.  A few years later, Coach Lloyd Clark took the Lady Statesmen to NCAA D2 titles in 1989, 1990 and 1992.  The Lady Statesmen continue to fare well, with current coach Sandra Rushing leading them to SIX STRAIGHT Sweet Sixteen appearances, making it to the Elite Eight this year.

The Statesmen have also won national Division II titles in Men’s Baseball (in 2004) and Football (in 2000).

One player cut from his baseball team turned out to be one of DSU’s most famous alumni – a soon-to-be author named John Grisham. Another DSU alumnus is professional basketball player Jeremy Richardson.

To reach the Delta State Admissions office, you can call them at 1-800-468-6378 or email admissions@deltastate.eduThe New Jersey admission counselor is Bradley T. Davis. You can reach him directly by email at and by phone at 662-846-4659.

The Delta State Facebook page is entitled, “Delta State University“.   Their Twitter account is @deltastate. Here is the link to their YouTube page.

Well, we’ve started our week in the Mississippi Delta.  But we’ve got miles to go before our March Madness ends.  See you Tuesday, in…..?????

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011

“March Madness” takes us today to one of the smallest colleges to ever win an NCAA Basketball championship.

Barton College is located in Wilson, North Carolina.  It was founded as Atlantic Christian College, in 1902.  It changed its name to Barton in 1990.

Barton has about 1130 matriculated undergraduate students enrolled there.  Its current annual tuition is $20,734 and Room and Board is $7316.

Barton has a national reputation in the fields of Education, Deaf Education, Social Work and Nursing, while Business is the most popular area of study.

The Barton Bulldogs participate in the NCAA’s Division II.  They offer 7 Men’s and 7 Women’s programs. Their Men’s Golf program is currently ranked in the Top 10 nationally, but the reason they caught my eye for a March Madness feature was their 2007 Men’s Basketball team.

If ever there was a Cinderella team, how ’bout this one: The Bulldogs, from a school with an enrollment just over 1000, defeat the defending national champs (who just happen to have the longest winning streak in D2 history) by coming from 7 points down with 39 seconds remaining, with their star player scoring their last 10 points to win it.     (By the way, that star player – Anthony Atkinson – is now a member of the Harlem Globetrotters.)

To reach the Barton Admissions office, you can click on this link, or call them at 1-800-345-4973.

Barton’s Facebook page is titled, “Barton College”.  There is a Twitter account named @bartoncollege. While it seems to be the official account, I can find no direct link at the Barton website.

Well, a week of Iowa, Missouri and North Carolina.  But it’s a gorgous day in Union, NJ and I think it’s time to turn back home and enjoy this hint of Spring.  See you on Monday, in…..??????


March madness continues with a school that won the National Basketball championship in 1998.  1999. 2000. 2001 and last year.  And is in the Final Four this year.  Today’s College of the Day is probably the premier Women’s Basketball program in NCAA Division III. And their Men’s program might make a similar claim.

Washington University in St. Louis (yes, that’s the full name) is – in, well, St. Louis.  At least the mailing address is.  Technically, most of the campus in not in the city of St. Louis, but in adjoining proprerty.

It was founded in 1853 (by T.S. Eliot’s Grandfather) and currently enrolls about 6400 matriculated undergraduate students and another 6300 matriculated graduate students.

The current annual undergraduate tuition is $40,374 and Room and Board is $12,941.

Washington University has over 300 academic programs and is consistently a favorite of the national magazine rankings.  Undergraduate majors include everything from Archaeology to Architecture, Jewish, Islam and Near Eastern Studies to Korean Studies, Social Work to Engineering, and Entrepreneurship to Economics and Statistics.

The Washington Bears participate in the NCAA’s Division III and have won 18 National titles in total.  Here’s how it breaks out: 10 titles in Women’s Volleyball (including 6 in a row from 1991-1996), 5 in Women’s Basketball (as outlined above), 2 in Men’s Basketball (2008-2009) and the 2008 championship in Men’s Tennis.

Washington University alumni include Robert Guillaume, Dave Garoway, David Merrick, Harold Ramis, Steve Fossett, Conde Nast, Dal Maxvill and George Herbert WalkerWUSTL “dropouts” include Tennesse Williams and Marilyn Vos  Savant. There have been 26 Rhodes Scholars and 22 Nobel Laureates associated with Washington University, either as students or faculty.

To reach Washington University Admissions, you can call 1-800-638-0700 or email

The WUSTL Facebook page is entitled, “Washington University in St. Louis“.  Their Twitter account is @WUSTL.  Here is the link to their YouTube account.

Well, we’ve been to Ottumwa to visit a school that won 3 straight March Madness titles.  And now, we’ve been to St. Louis to visit a school with 4 straight titles.  See you tomorrow, with the story of a college and a team that has…..?????  Stay tuned!

MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011

Welcome to March Madness!  Yes, I’m going to focus on schools that have won national championships in basketball.  But, no, you won’t recognize many of my choices.  I’m going to profile NJCAA champs, D2 and D3 champs, NAIA champs, Women’s champs.  I hope you enjoy my “bracket” of schools over the next couple of weeks!

Indian Hills Community College is located in Ottumwa, Iowa, with a campus in Centerville, IA, as well. Yes, MASH fans, we are in Radar’s hometown.

Indian Hills was founded in 1966 but but was known for awhile by the rather interesting name of Merged Area XV Community College.  Along the way, it merged with both Centerville Junior College and Ottumwa Heights College.  In 1970, it adopted its current name.

Indian Hills enrolls about 3800 matriculated students and an additional 1300 non-degree studentsAnnual out of state tuition is currently $5850 and Room and Board is $5805.

Indian Hills offers a diverse selection of academic programs. Among them are A.A. programs in Entrepreneurship, Certified Personal Trainer, Natural Resources, Photography and Sports and Fitness Management, as well as A.A.S. programs in Nursing, Machine Technology, Robotics and Sustainable Agriculture.

The Indian Hills Warriors participate in the NJCAA ‘s Division III.  The Warriors have averaged 28 wins per season since 1989 and won the National title in 1997.  And 1998.  And 1999!    The Men’s Golf team has also captured a National title, in 2000.  All teams EXCEPT the Baseball team are called Warriors and play at the Ottumwa campus.

Interestingly, the Baseball team is known as the Falcons and plays at the Centerville campus.  The Falcons have made 11 trips to the JUCO World Series.

Indian Hills’ alumni include Major Leaguer Kevin Ritz, NFL star Rick Upchurch and comedian Tom Arnold.

You can reach the admissions office via this link, or by phone at 1-800-726-2585 X 5153, or by email at

Indian Hills’ Facebook page is titled, simply, “Indian Hills Community CollegeI can find no active Twitter account for Indian Hills, however.

Well, our “March Madness” has begun.  From Ottumwa on Monday, it’ll be Tuesday in….?????

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011

We’re going non-traditional, again, with another “College of the Weekend”.  And few schools are more non-traditional that today’s.  I give you…

Goddard College ONLY admits adult students.  And its offerings are all arranged in low-residency programs, with short, intense campus study complimented with self-directed learning.  And its College Board “Freshman Class Profile” is this: 12 applied, 8 admitted, 8 enrolled.  But that doesn’t count the transfers, graduate students and non-degree folks.

Goddard’s main campus is located in Plainfield, Vermont, but there are programs also offered at its campus in Port Townsend, Washington, as well as a “Study in Polynesia” program in 2012.

Goddard, in its current configuration, was founded in 1938. But it existed as a Seminary from 1863 to 1937, and can trace its roots to Green Mountain Central Institute, which started in 1863.  In 1962, Goddard became the first college to offer an Adult Degree Program for Working Adults (at least according to Wikipedia!).

There are about 275 undergraduate students and about 475 graduate students at Goddard.  The average student age is 37. There were traditional age students at Goddard until 2002.

Goddard’s undergraduate degree programs include Education, Health Arts, Sustainability and Creative Writing.  Graduate programs include Psychology, Creative Writing and Sustainable Business and Communities.  Goddard offers one of the most fascinating concentrations we’ve come across so far at College of the Day.  It’s in its MA program in Individualized Studies and it’s called “Consciousness Studies”Here’s a link with more details.

Goddard alumni include Trey Atanasio, Piers Anthony, Mark Doty, William H. Macy, David Mamet, and Walter Mosley. THAT is a cool list.

You can reach the admissions office at and at 1-800-906-8312.  However, here is a link to all of the admissions counselors’ direct contact information. Counselor responsibilities are  divided by program, not by geography, so there is no “New Jersey” counselor per se.

Goddard College’s Facebook page is entitled, simply, “Goddard College”.  Their Twitter account is @goddardcollege.

Well, we’ve survived an interesting week.  3 VERY different schools, but all fascinating and worthy of our consideration.  Well, then, until next Monday, when we go to…????


Today’s travels take us from a University with over 17,000 matriculated students to a school with approximately 100.

Welcome, or “Aaanii” to White Earth Tribal and Community College, in Mahnonen, Minnesota!

The college’s purpose statement includes the goal of presenting learning as a life–long process of discovery of knowledge embedded in the intellectual disciplines and the traditions of the Anishinaabe people.

WETCC was founded in 1997, currently enrolls 104 matriculated undergraduates, in addition to certificate and non-degree students.  There are 5 full-time faculty.

Associates degrees are awarded in such areas as Education, Environmental Science, Human Services, Native American Studies, Business and Humanities.  There is a Certified Nursing Assistant program, as well.

Current in-state tuition is  $3375. I could find no out-of-state costs, nor does the college offer room and board options.

The WETCC website includes a wonderful page that includes written, audio and video assistance in learning the Ojibwemowin language.  Click here to learn more.

WETCC has an open admission policy.  Further information can be obtained by calling 218-936-5731 or emailing


I guess it was inevitable that after all that travel, I finally came down with a winter cold.  But I got the body and the 2001 Saturn tuned up, and we’re ready to continue on our journey.  I apologize for the delay.  When we last met, I was in the middle of “Oscar Week“, celebrating the alma maters of this year’s Oscar winners.  I have one more school to visit in that vein, and we are finally not on either coast.  Today, we salute this year’s Oscar winner for Live Action Short Film, Mr. Luke Matheny, and his alma mater, Northwester University.

Northwestern University is located in Evanston, Illinois, with additional campuses in Chicago, Illinois and Qatar (not Illinois).  It was founded in 1851, and was the first university chartered in the state of Illinois.

Northwestern enrolls about 8900 matriculated undergraduates and about 8600 matriculated graduate students. Current annual tuition is $40,223 and Room and Board is $12,240.

Northwestern offers 123 academic programs at the undergraduate level, including Biological and Chemical Engineering, Communication Studies, Journalism, Musicology, Drama, Psychology and Materials Science.

The Northwestern Wildcats are a NCAA Division I program, a charter member of the Big Ten (and the only private college currently in the Big 10).  The Women’s Lacrosse team won five consecutive national championships from 2005-2009, including undefeated seasons in 2005 and 2009.  The Men’s Basketball team is considered, in some sources, as the 1931 National champion.

A list of Northwestern’s alumni is as eclectic a list as any I’ve come across so far in my travels.   Imagine the old movie, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World” with this cast: Zach Braff, Charlton Heston, Ann-Margaret, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Megan Mullalley, Paul Lynde, Jerry Springer, Stephen Colbert, Warren Beatty, David Schwimmer, Zooey Deschanel, Richard Benjamin and Shelly Long, as directed by Garry Marshall and the aforementioned Luke Matheny.  Also starring Rod Blagjevich. Other political figures among Northwestern’s alumni include Dick Gephardt, Adlai Stevenson, George McGovern, Rahm Emmanuel and Harold Washington. Sports personalities include Mike Greenberg, Mike Adamle, Joe Girardi, Otto Graham and Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

To reach Northwestern’s undergraduate admissions office, call (1-847-491-7271) call or email them at  The admission counselor for New Jersey is Tamara Hadaway, who can be reached at and at 847-491-3961.

Their Facebook page is entitled simply, “Northwestern University” and their Twitter account is @NorthwesternU. Their YouTube link is here.

Well, with much delay, I’ve finished my Oscar week travels, with a historic midwestern school with an amazing cast of alumni, including Luke Matheny, this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Live Action Short Film.  Tune in tomorrow, when a re-charged College of the Day ends up in….??


Oscar Week continues as we travel back east again to honor one of this year’s “lifetime achievement” Oscar winners, Mr. Francis Ford Coppola.  Off we go to Long Island…

Hofstra University is in Hempstead, NY.  It was founded in 1935 and actually started as an extension of New York University.  It became an independent entity just two years later, in 1937 and became a University in 1963.

Currently, there are about 7700 matriculated undergraduate students enrolled there, and another 4000 matriculated graduate students. Annual undergraduate tuition is $31,800 and Room and Board is $11,710.

Hofstra offers a wide variety of  academic programs – 145 in total. But 50% of all degree seeking undergraduates are in a program either related to Business or Communications and Journalism. Two majors I don’t think we’ve encountered elsewhere are Ibero-American Studies and Urban Ecology.

Hofstra can claim quite a diverse array of alumni and former students in its relatively brief history.  Besides Mr. Coppola, there are film stars Madeline Kahn, Lanie Kazan, Christopher Walken and James Caan.  There is former NY Governor David Paterson, local NY “weather legend” Mr. G, radio personalities Dan Ingram and Alan Colmes, professional athletes Marques Colston, Wayne Chrebet and Speedy Claxton, supermodel Carol Alt and infamous financier Bernie Madoff, as well as Yankees President Randy Levine and Met minority owner David Katz.

The Hofstra Pride are an NCAA Division I athletic program, with 8 Men’s sports and 9 Women’s sports.  Their Cheerleading team has dominated the “Small Co-Ed” National championships in the past decade, winning the national title in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Hofstra’s football program, which produced several NFL stars, was disbanded in 2009.

Hofstra’s Admissions Office can be reached at and at 800-HOFSTRA. The Admission Counselor for “Northern” New Jersey is Kevin Maccarella, who can be reached at 516-463-6554 or at Kevin is from Marlton, NJ.

Hofstra’s Facebook Page is called “Hofstra University”. Their Twitter account is @HofstraU.  Here is a link to their YouTube account.

Well, a late Thursday College of the Day, but traveling back and forth across the country isn’t easy.  We’ll finish with a Friday Night College of the Day to conclude Oscar Week.  And I have a feeling we’re going to end up back on the West Coast.  So, I’ll see you tomorrow in……..


We continue “Oscar Week” at College of the Day with a trip to Seattle, Washington and a school that seems absolutely fantastic and that – I have to admit – I had never heard of until this morning.  I give you the school where this year’s Oscar winner for Costume Design, Colleen Atwood, studied painting…

Cornish College of the Arts was founded in 1914.  It offers only BFA and Bachelor of Music degrees.  There are approximately 775 matriculated undergraduates enrolled at Cornish.  There are no graduate programs.

Current annual tuition is $29,150 and Room and Board is $8300.

Cornish offers academic programs in Art, Dance, Design, Music, Performance Production and Theater.

Cornish had the first Marionette program in the U.S. and started the first college-level radio broadcasting program in the country in 1935, although that program was, unfortunately, short-lived. Faculty have included John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Twyla Tharp and Martha Graham.

Former Cornish students include news legend Chet Huntley, actor Brendan Fraser, Heart vocalist Nancy Wilson, the aforementioned Cunningham, and three time Academy Award winner Colleen Atwood.

There are no intercollegiate athletic teams at Cornish. (What great team names there could have been…)

The Admissions landing page has information on visiting and applying, as well as an introductory video.  You can reach them by email at and by phone at 1-800-726-ARTS.

Their Facebook page is entitled, “Cornish College of the Arts”.  Their Twitter account is @CornishCollege.

One of the joys of College of the Day is when I learn about a great school of which I previously knew little or nothing.  Our trip to Seattle definitely provided that today.  So, tomorrow we continue Oscar Week by going to….???? Tune in tomorrow!


It’s Oscar Week at College of the Day! And we start with the college attended by this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actress.

The State University of New York at Purchase, better known as SUNY-Purchase, is a public 4 year college in the state of New York.  It was founded in 1967.  It is currently going through a $100 million campus renovation project.

SUNY-Purchase has approximately 3800 matriculated undergraduates enrolled and an additional 125 or so matriculated graduate students.

About 35% of these students are enrolled in visual or performing arts degree programs. Related majors include Dance, Music Performance, Film, New Media, Cinema Studies, Arts Management and Media, Society and the Arts.    Other majors offered include Literature, Anthropology, Journalism and Biochemistry.

The SUNY-Purchase Panthers participate in the NCAA’s Division 3.  There are 9 intercollegiate teams available, including Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Men’s Baseball and Women’s Softball.  The 2010-2011 Men’s Basketball team is going to its 2nd consecutive (and 2nd ever) NCAA tournament.

SUNY-Purchase alumni and former students include aforementioned Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Edie Falco, Ving Rhames, Wesley Snipes, Stanley Tucci, Regina Specktor and Moby.

You can reach the Admissions Dept. at 914-251-6300 or at  And you can contact Assistant Director of Admissions Garrett Marino, at 914-251-6316 and Garrett also provided me with a direct link to the “Experience Purchase” video series.

The SUNY-Purchase Facebook account is entitled “SUNY Purchase“.  Their Twitter account is @PurchaseSUNY. Here is the link to their YouTube Account.

Well, we’ve begun Oscar Week, not surprisingly, with a trip to NY and with a trip to a school known for its performing arts programs.  Where do we go tomorrow?  I have feeling I’m doing a lot of coast-to-coast traveling this week!


We finish “New Jersey” week with one of the the first two community colleges in New Jersey and one of the only two community colleges in New Jersey that serve two different counties.

Atlantic Cape Community College serves both Atlantic and Cape May Counties.  It was founded in 1964 and added the Cape May County campus in 2005. There are campuses in Mays Landing, Cape May and Atlantic City.

Annual tuition is $3471. There are approximately 7000 matriculated students at Atlantic Cape and an additional 500 or so non-matriculated students.  While there is no campus housing, there is arranged housing available.

One of the special features of Atlantic Cape is a gourmet, student-run restaurant, Careme’s. Atlantic Cape offers over 40 academic programs, including – not surprisingly – Culinary Arts, Food Service Management and Hospitality Management. But it also offers an A.A.S. in Air Traffic Confrol Terminal, degrees in Business, Education, Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice, Nursing and much more.

The Atlantic Cape Buccaneers are a member of the NJCAA.  They have a relatively small, but growing athletic program.  They have grown from 2 to 7 intercollegiate sports since 2007.  Along with the more common sports of baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball, Atlantic Cape has a well established intercollegiate Archery team.

Among Atlantic Cape’s alumni is Dr. Janice DeCicco Fipp, Superintendent of the Northfield (NJ) School District.

For further admissions information, you can call 609-343-4921 or email

Their Facebook page is entitled, “Atlantic Cape Community College“.  Their Twitter account is @atlanticcape.  And here is the link to their YouTube channel.

And, so we finish “New Jersey Week” on a Friday night in Atlantic City.  No complaints.  See you all  on Monday, in…..????


In what has to be the shortest trip in the history of College of the Day, we drive down 3.9 miles down South Orange Avenue to our next destination.

Seton Hall University is located in South Orange, NJ.  It was founded in 1856 and actually started in Madison, NJ at what is now the campus of the College of Saint Elizabeth.  It became a University in 1950.

There are currently about 5000 matriculated undergraduate students enrolled at Seton Hall and another 4000 graduate students.  Current undergraduate tuition is $31,890 and Room and Board is $12,050.

Academic programs range from Anthropology to Nursing, from Italian to Mechanical Engineering, from Business to Sport Management and from Criminal Justice to Education.

The Seton Hall Pirates participate in the NCAA’s Division I. There are 6 Men’s and 8 Women’s teams.  Probably their most famous team was the 1988-89 Men’s Basketball team that was the national runners-up in the NCAA tournament.  They were also in the “Sweet Sixteen” in 1991, 1992 and 2000 and won the NIT tournament in 1953. Many Pirate baseball players have gone on to play in Major League baseball, including Craig Biggio, Mo Vaughn, John Valentin and Matt Morris.

Seton Hall alumni, besides the aforementioned baseball stars, include three governors of New Jersey, John Bennett, Donald DiFrancesco and Chris Christie, NBA star and community leader Terry Dehere, College Basketball coach Dan Hurley and professional wrestler Charlie Haas.

To reach the Seton Hall admission office, click on this link or you can call 1-800-843-4255 or email

Seton Hall’s Facebook page is entitled, simply, “Seton Hall University“.  Their Twitter accounts are @SetonHallU and  @shupirate.

Well, it’s been a leisurely drive this week.  I’m staying in NJ tomorrow, but maybe I’ll take a bit of a ride.  Maybe, I’ll go to……………  See you tomorrow!


New Jersey Week continues at College of the Day, as we leave Mahwah and travel down Route 17, the Parkway and Route 21 and come to our next school.  But we could have also gone down Bloomfield Avenue to get to the same destination.

Essex County College has its main campus in Newark, New Jersey.  It also has a “West Essex” campus in West Caldwell.

ECC was founded in 1966. Its current enrollment includes approximately 12,000 matriculated undergraduates and about 1350 non-degree students.  Current tuition is $108.50 per credit for Essex county residents and $217 per credit for out-of-county residents.

Essex County College offers approximately 70 academic programs and also includes the county Police Academy and an Africana Institute. Academic programs include Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Journalism, Liberal Arts, Nursing and Paralegal Studies.

Here is a direct link updating recent Essex County College alumni achievements.

The Essex County College Wolverines are a member of the NJCAA.  Although they only participate in a handful of sports (Men and Women’s Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country and Track and Field), the Wolverines have had their share of successes.  The Men’s Soccer program was the National NJCAA Division 1 national runners-up in 1993 and 1994.  The Women’s Indoor Track team won the 1997 and 2007 National Championships and Coach Michael Smart has, since he started in 1986, coached 27 Olympians, 5 Olympic Medalists and 1 Olympic Gold Medalist (Melaine Walker).  His runners currently hold all 5 NJCAA National Hurdles records.  In addition, 98% of his runners graduate ECC and over 90% go on to run at the NCAA Division 1 level.

ECC Admissions can be reached at 973-877-3100 (Newark) or at 973-877-6590 (West Essex).

I cannot find an official, active Essex County College Facebook page. If anyone is aware of one, please let me know – thanks! I can tell you that they have two active Twitter accounts – one for the Newark campus – @EssexCountyNwk and one for the West Essex campus – @EssexCountyWEC.

Well, we’ve gone from Mahwah to Newark (and West Caldwell) and still have two more days of travel in the Garden State.  Keeping it local, but still have plenty of choices as there are over 50 colleges in NJ.  So, I’ll see you tomorrow in……..


Since College of the Day began on December 1, we’ve traveled many miles – from well above the Arctic Circle to the tip of the Florida Keys.  49 colleges, 29 states. I think we’re sticking pretty close to home this week and we start about 34 miles from home, at the northernmost college in the state of New Jersey. Welcome to Ramapo College.

Ramapo College is located in Mahwah, NJ.  It was founded in 1969 and touts itself as “New Jersey’s Public Liberal Arts College“.  There are currently about 5500 matriculated students enrolled at the undergraduate level and another 200+ at the graduate level.

Current annual tuition for in-state residents is $11,874 and Room and Board is $11,730.

Ramapo has over 40 academic programs, including “standards” from Business to Biology, but also has concentrations in diverse fields such as Public Sociology, Sculpture, Music Production and Digital Filmmaking, as well as a Masters program in Sustainability.

The Ramapo Roadrunners are a member of the NCAA Division 3 and include 20 different teams, representing everything from Baseball to Football, Cross Country to Track and Field, Lacrosse to Volleyball.  The 2006 NCAA Division 3 High Jump champion was future NFL player, and then-Ramapo student Todd Lowber.

Among Ramapo’s alumni are sports personality Don La Greca.

The Ramapo admissions office can be reached at 201-684-7300 and at Here is a direct link to their admissions personnel.

The Ramapo Admissions Facebook page is entitled “Ramapo College Admissions” and the College’s Facebook page is entitled “Ramapo College of New Jersey“.  The College’s Twitter account is @RamapoCollegeNJ.

So, I think we’ll keep it local this week.  Ramapo is the northernmost college in the state, so I think we’ll just start meandering southwards.  Tomorrow, we’ll get to…..?????


We conclude President’s Week like we finish many of our weeks – heading towards Union.   But this week, going to Union means still being 164 miles from my home.

Union College is in Schenectady, NY.  It was founded in 1795 and was the first college chartered by the New York Board of Regents.

Union currently enrolls about 2100 matriculated undergraduate students.  Union does not separate tuition and room and board, but lists a comprehensive, all-inclusive fee, which is currently $52,329.

Union offers a wide variety of academic programs within a liberal arts education.  Its website touts that “a Union education produces creative problem-solvers.” Majors include Africana Studies, Civic Engagement, Mechanical Engineering and Neuroscience as well as Biology, Dance, Economics, Pyschology and Sociology. There is a Superconducting Nuclear Resonance Spectrometer on campus.

Union can claim the longest tenure of any College President in U.S. HistoryEliphalet Knott was President of Union College from 1804-1866.  Maybe even more amazing is that he was also President of Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI) for 16 concurrent years (1829-1845)

The Union Dutchmen and Dutchwomen compete in the NCAA Division 3, except for the Men’s Ice Hockey team, which is a D1 program.  The Hockey team has participated in the two longest games in NCAA history, including a 3-2 loss to Quinnipiac this past year that ended at 90:22 of overtime!

Union alumni include the nation’s 21st President, Chester A. Arthur, William Seward (Secretary of State when the U.S. purchased Alaska) and the developer of “TQM”, Armand Feigenbaum.

To reach Union College Admissions can be reached at 1-888-843-6688.  The admission counselor for northern New Jersey is Associate Dean of Admissions, Susan Hanks.  Susan’s email is The admission counselor for central and southern New Jersey is Assistant Dean of Admissions, Delon McAllister. Delon can be reached at  I apologize – I do not know where they draw the line in terms of that great debate of where northern, central and southern NJ are divided.  (But I will ask!)

Union College can be found on Facebook, at “Union College“.   Their official Twitter account is @UnionCollegeNY.

Well, so goes another along another exciting week visiting the 4000 colleges in this country.  I hope you enjoyed President’s Week.  And, although I am in Union, I still have just over 3 hours to get to my home in Union (NJ).  So, let me hop on the Thruway before the weekend rush and before the temperatures in the northeast dip down once again.  Until Monday, when I will see you in….????


President’s Week continues at #COTD as we head to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to visit the alma mater of our 15th President of the United States, Dickinson College.

Dickinson College was chartered in 1783, making it the first college chartered in the United States (well, the first when the U.S. was officially the U.S).   Approximately 2300 matriculated undergraduates are enrolled at DickinsonAnnual tuition is currently $41,545 and Room and Board is $10430.

Dickinson offers an incredible diversity of academic programs, including not just 22 disciplinary majors, but 19 interdisciplinary majors. Programs include everything from Chinese to Modern Greek, from Pre-Engineering to Philosophy, from Security Studies to Sustainability.

The Dickinson Red Devils are an NCAA Division 3 program, with 23 teams.  Their Men’s Lacrosse team won the 1958 National title and were a nationally ranked team in 2010, going  to the 2nd record of the NCAA tournament.

Dickinson alumni include the 15th President of the United States, James Buchanan, MLB Hall of Famer Chief Bender and baseball executive Andy MacPhail.

Dickinson Admissions can be reached at 1-800-644-1773 or at  The New Jersey liaison is Associate Director of Admissions (Class of 2006) Greg Moyer. Greg can be reached at and here is a link to his direct web page.

Dickinson’s Facebook page is “Dickinson College“. They are on Twitter as @dickinsoncol, and here is a link to their YouTube account.

Well, we’ve covered Presidents #40, 14 and 15.  I’m looking for a good “under the radar” school for tomorrow (and Monday, as well).  Any suggestions?  Let me know at  Until tomorrow….


Day 2 of “President’s Week” finds us at the college that denied admission to Meadow Soprano but enrolled Hawkeye Pierce. We travel “down east” to Bowdoin College, in Brunswick, Maine.

Bowdoin was founded in 1794, in Massachusetts.  While it is now in Maine, it’s never moved an inch. Maine was a part of Massachusetts for the first 26 years of Bowdoin’s existence.

Bowdoin has a beautiful campus (my honeymoon was in nearby Damariscotta, so I will admit that I am a bit biased on the matter) and it has historically done very well in all of those national rankings.  There are approximately 1800 matriculated undergraduate students enrolled there.  Current annual tuition is $41,565 and Room and Board is $11,315.

Bowdoin’s academic programs include Africana Studies, Classics, Earth and Oceanographic Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, Neuroscience and Russian.   Bowdoin’s Coastal Studies Center is located on Orr’s Island and is a multi-disciplinary research and creativity facility

The Bowdoin Polar Bears participate in  the NCAA’s Division III. There are 30 teams, including Men and Women’s Rugby, Squash and Water Polo. The Women’s Field Hockey teams were national champs in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Bowdoin alumni include the nation’s 14th President, Franklin Pierce, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Alfred Kinsey,  George Mitchell and Richard Hooker, who wrote the original novel, “MASH”. In the novel and film, Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce is a graduate of Androscroggin College (Androscoggin River runs alongside the Bowdoin campus).

To reach Bowdoin’s Admissions office, you can call 207-725-3100 or email them at The Admission counselor for the state of New Jersey is Peter Wiley, Associate Dean of Admissions, and Peter can be reached at

Bowdoin’s Admissions Facebook page is entitled, “Bowdoin College Admissionsand their Twitter account is @bowdoincollege.  This is the link to their YouTube account.

Well, we continue on our “President’s Week” trip.  From Illinois to Maine to…???? Stay tuned!


With President’s Day a week away, I thought it would be interesting to visit some of the alma maters of our U.S. Presidents.  But I’m not looking for the obvious choices; I’m looking for schools you may not know and may not realize are in this category.  You might call it a “Eureka” moment.  In fact, that’s where we’ll start…

Eureka College, in Eureka, Illinois, was founded in 1855, by abolitionists from Kentucky who were affiliated with the Disciples of Christ.

Eureka currently enrolls about 750 undergraduate students.  There are no graduate programs.

Annual tuition is currently $18,045 and Room and Board is $7760.

Eureka is a liberal arts college with an emphasis on leadership.  Major programs include Business, Art, Communication and EducationA degree in Organizational Leadership is offered via a weekend cohort model.

The Eureka Red Devils are an NCAA Division 3 program, and offer teams in 11 sports.  The 1993-94 Men’s Basketball team won the NAIA Division II National Championship.

Two of the sports offered are football and swimming. And they’ve been offered for a long time.  1932 alumnus Ronald Reagan was inducted into the Eureka Athletics Hall of Fame in 1982, for his contributions in those two sports.  (Reagan was also a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the same fraternity I am a member of.  Just saying….)

Along with President Reagan, Eureka alumni include Durward Sandifer, who was a leader in the United States’ initial participation in the U.N. and served as Acting Director of the Office of U.N. Affairs, as well as over 40 College Presidents.

To contact the admissions office, you can call 1-888-438-7352 or email them at   The College’s Facebook page is “Eureka College”. I do not see a direct link to the page from the Eureka website, but it sure looks like the official site.  I did find a College Twitter account, @EurekaCollege, but it does not appear to be active.

Well, we’ve started our “historic” journey through the alma maters of U.S. Presidents.  I think I know where I’m heading, but if you have suggestions, feel free to email me at  And, I’ll see you tomorrow, in….???


Continuing our recent tradition, we’re “coming home” on Friday to New Jersey.

Brookdale Community College is located in Lincroft, NJ, but also has sites in 6 other Monmouth county locations.  Brookdale is one of only 2 NJ community colleges that is not named after the county or counties it serves (Raritan Valley CC is the other).

Brookdale was founded in 1967.  It enrolls about 1300 matriculated students and about 1800 non-matriculated students.  Tuition is currently $262 per credit, for out-of-county students who are New Jersey residents.

Brookdale Recreation Center opened in January, including a 9000 square foot Fitness Center and 1500 seat Arena. They also became a tobacco-free campus as of January 1.

Brookdale offers a wide variety of academic programs, including Associates Degree programs in Business, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Digital Animation and Education. With the groundhog’s recent declaration, it is probably worth noting that they also offer a certificate in floral design.  Brookdale also leads the coordination of  the NJ Coastal Communiversity, a consortium of six colleges that offers a variety of associates, bachelors, masters and certificate programs throughout Monmouth county. 

The Brookdale Blues are an NJCAA D3 athletic program, with four national titles in Women’s Softball, and are the current defending champs.  The Men’s Soccer program was ranked #4 in the nation this past Fall and the Men’s Cross Country program – which started only in 2009 – finished 6th at the 2010 National Championships.

Brookdale alumni include NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, MLB star Denny Walling and movie director, screenwriter and actor Kevin Smith.

The Brookdale Admissions webpage is here.  You can also email them at or call them at 732-224-2944.

Brookdale’s Facebook page is entitled, simply, “Brookdale Community College”. I do not see an active Twitter account, however, but their is a Brookdale TV YouTube account.

Well, we’ve survived another week – from the Bronx to Annapolis to Indiana and back home to New Jersey.  The snow seems to be subsiding.  So, we’ll rest up for another exciting week of visiting the 4000 colleges in these United States.  See you on Monday in…..???


Vincennes University may be the most interesting 2 year college in America.  Let me count the ways: Vincennes is the only University I know that is primarily a two-year (associates) institution, it is one of the oldest 2-year institutions around, it is one of only two colleges founded by a U.S. President, it is a residential 2-year college, it owns an airport and it is the alma mater of both McAdoo and Mellencamp.

Vincennes is in Vincennes, Indiana.  It was founded in 1801, by William Henry Harrison, in what was then the Indiana Territory.

Current enrollment is approximately 14,000, with about 9000 of those degree-seeking.  Annual out-of-state tuition is $10,924 and Room and Board is $7682.

Vincennes offers an incredible array of academic programs, from Agribusiness to Education, from American Sign Language to Social Work, from Philosophy to Bowling Industry Management, from Aviation to America’s favorite freshman major – Undecided.

The Vincennes Trailblazers are an NJCAA athletic program.  They have 28 NJCAA Championships to their credit, including 17 Men’s Bowling titles.

Vincennes’ alumni include NBA Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo, musician John Cougar Mellencamp, NBA star Shawn Marion and comedian Mario Joyner.

To reach the admissions office, you can call 800-742-9198 or email them at

Their Facebook page is entitled, “Vincennes University“.   They do not appear to have an active Twitter account.

And there you have the 2-year college with dorms, a University name, a few 4 year programs, a Presidential heritage, an airport and a link to both McAdoo and Mellencamp.

Where do we go on Friday?  Do we follow our direction west or make our way back towards Jersey?  Stay tuned…


Yesterday, we visited a school that started as St. John’s College.  We go today to the current St. John’s College – a fascinating college in Annapolis, MD (and Santa Fe, NM).

St. John’s College was founded in 1784.  Its roots are actually older than that, as it evolved from King William’s School, a preparatory school founded in 1696.

St. John’s is located in Annapolis, MD and also has a distinct campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Current enrollment at both campuses is similar – about 450 matriculated undergraduates and about 80 graduate students at each.

Annual tuition is currently $42, 192 and Room and Board is $9984.

St. John’s offers 1 degree and one degree only (well, two at the graduate level).  Every undergraduate student is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts. and follows an integrated curriculum, blending the arts and sciences and based on a “chronological study of seminal works of Western Civilization.” This “Great Books” curriculum includes works from the Bible to the Iliad, from Huckleberry Finn to the operas of Mozart.

St. John’s refuses to provide data for national surveys (yes!!!!), but has historically and ironically been ranked quite well by everyone from Forbes to Princeton Review to US News.

St. John’s provide intercollegiate athletic opportunities in Crew and Sailing, Croquet and Fencing, and has a vibrant intramural program.  Not your typical sports program.  I could not find a team name nor mascot, although I did find online reference that the platypus “sometimes fills in” for that position.

St. John’s alumni include Francis Scott Key, Atlantic Records’ founder Ahmet Ertegun and Glenn Yarbrough, who sang the songs to all of Rankin and Bass’ animated Hobbit and Lord of the Rings features (sorry, personal preference!).

Here is the direct link to the Admissions page.  Both campuses have direct contact information listed.

St. John’s Facebook account is entitled, simply, “St. John’s College”. Their YouTube Account link is here. I did not see a direct Twitter account, however.

So, we’ve gone from the former St. John’s College to the current St. John’s College, from the alma mater of Vince Lombardi to the alma mater of the man who wrote the song most associated with the Super Bowl.   Where to next?  I think tomorrow will be a travel day, so I will see you on Thursday in…..???


With the Lombardi trophy presented just hours ago, I thought it reasonable to travel to Vince Lombardi’s alma mater.  Mr. Lombardi and I went to the same high school (a few years apart, mind you!) but we took divergent paths in college as I went a few miles east and he went a few miles north.

Fordham University has a main campus in the Bronx, with additional locations in Manhattan, West Harrison, NY, Beijing and London.

Fordham was founded in 1841, and was originally known as St. John’s College.  It was the 1st Catholic College in the northeast.  Fordham became Fordham in 1907. Current annual tuition is $38,602 and Room and Board is $14,491.

Fordham has approximately 7800 matriculated undergraduate students and about 6200 matriculated graduate students. It offers a great diversity of major programs, but some are only offered at either the Bronx or Manhattan location, so double check which location meets your needs.  Although Business is far and away the most popular field of study, Fordham offers everything from Medieval Studies to Middle East Studies, from Classical Civilization to German Language. There is also a wonderful BFA program in Dance that is affiliated with the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater.

The Fordham Rams are an NCAA Division I athletic program, with a long, storied history.  The baseball program played in the 1st collegiate game to use Knickerbocker rules, which evolved into the rules of today.  They are the winningest baseball program in collegiate history. Their football program developed the legendary “Seven Blocks of Granite”, which included Vince Lombardi and – according to one source – were the #1 team in the nation in 1929.  More recently, the Rams’ Crew Team has won multiple national medals.

Among Fordham’s more well-known alumni are New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Alan Alda, Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo). Charles Osgood, Wellington Mara, Denzell Washington, Vin Scully, Baseball Hall of Famer Frankie Frisch and – of course, Vince Lombardi.

To reach the College Admissions office, I would start with this link. It includes info on phone numbers and emails for both campuses and links directly to admissions personnel.

I don’t see a “master” Facebook page for the College , but Fordham’s Admissions Facebook page is “Fordham University Office of Undergraduate Admission”.  Their Twitter Account is @Fordham_Admis.

Well, we start another week of college travel, and – for once – it’s not snowing, sleeting, hailing, icing, or wintry mixing.  Let’s see if we can keep that going.  From Vince Lombardi’s alma mater to…?????  See you tomorrow!


We come back home to New Jersey and – for one day, at least – there’s no snow falling.  Or ice, or sleet or the dreaded “wintry mix”.  Anyway, we’ve arrived in Caldwell, NJ at the campus of Caldwell College.

Caldwell College was founded in 1939Unlike almost every other school we’ve profiled, it appears that Caldwell has not changed its name nor its location during its history.

Approximately 1550 matriculated undergraduate students are enrolled at Caldwell. There are over 20 post-baccalaureate programs, including a PhD program in Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Annual tuition is currently $25,602 and Room and Board is $10,000.

Approximately 20% of all undergraduates major in Business related fields.  Caldwell also has major programs in Nursing, Criminal Justice and Communication Arts, and was the first College in New Jersey to award a BFA degree (1974).

The Caldwell Cougars are an NCAA Division II athletic program, with teams in Basketball (M,W), Soccer (M,W), Tennis (M,W), Men’s Baseball and Women’s Cross Country, Softball and Volleyball.

Caldwell alumni include Mary Jo Codey, Educator and former New Jersey First Lady, Emmy Award winner Justin Cece and Harlem Globetrotter Manny Perez.

You can reach the Admissions office, by phone, at 888-864-9516 and, by email, at  They have counselors for each county in New Jersey, as outlined here. The Union County counselor is Roselle Park native Michael Yakubov, who can be reached directly at 973-618-3381 and at

Caldwell’s Facebook page is entitled “Caldwell College Admissions” and their Twitter account is @CaldwellCollege.

Well, we’ve made it through another week of snow, sleet, ice and freezing rain (and two days in the Florida Keys!!).  We can rest up, hope Punxsutawney Phil was right and start preparing for next week.  Suggestions for where College Counseling for the Rest of Us should go next are ALWAYS appreciated!  Have a great weekend!


Last night, my family was watching both Ghost Whisperer and Ghost Hunters.  I’m not saying that there’s a connection, but I ended up selecting Casper College as today’s College of the Day.

Casper College is as two year, public college in Casper, Wyoming.  It was founded in 1945 and currently enrolls about 3000 matriculated and 1500 non-matriculated students.

Tuition for out-of-state students is currently $5112 and room and board is $4650. I don’t think we’ve come across many colleges that are more affordable than that.

For the size of the College, there is an incredible variety of academic programming.  Casper has over 50 degree programs and over 30 certificate programs.  To name just a few areas of interest, they have Robotics, Gender Studies, Extractive Resources Technology, Theater, Hospitality Management, Auto Body Repair, Web Technology and E-Commerce, Nursing and Addictionology (Substance Abuse Counseling).

On campus is the Tate-Werner Geological Museum.  The museum houses over 3000 fossil and mineral specimens.

Casper is a member of the NJCAA and its teams are known as the Thunderbirds.  They offer intercollegiate rodeo, men’s and women’s basketball, and women’s volleyball. The Rodeo team has won four national championships, the Women’s Basketball team made it to the NJCAA “Final Four” last year and the Men’s Basketball program has produced 9 professionals, finished in the national top 10 7 times and was the national runner-up in 1964.

I have to note that they may have the Athletic Director with the most interesting resumeBill Landen also serves as a Wyoming State Senator, is a 2 time Wyoming Sportswriter of the Year, was the radio play-by-play voice of the T-Birds in the 80’s and 90’s and was the College’s Director of College Relations for 18 years.

To contact the admissions office, you can call Kyla Foltz, Senior Admissions Representative, at 800-442-2963 or 307-268-2207 or email her at

Casper College’s Facebook page is entitled, simply, “Casper College”. I did find a Twitter account, although I did not see a direct link on the website (so I can’t confirm that this is an official account). But the info looks appropriate for @CasperCollege.

So, we’ve traveled from Aurora, IL to the Florida Keys (and stayed an extra day!) to Casper, Wyoming.  One more school to go to finish the week, and I think we’ll go to……….


Well, it’s a new month but – at least in New Jersey – it’s the same weather.  So, I think you all deserve a trip to the southernmost college in the 48 contiguous United States. We travel to a campus on a living barrier reef, located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  I give you Florida Keys Community College.

FKCC was founded in 1965 and has three locations in the Keys – the main campus in Key West as well as sites in Tavernier and Marathon.  Out-of-state tution is $10,152 and off-campus housing is available.  They are currently developing an on-campus, waterfront, 100-bed residence hall at “the Point”.

Florida Keys enrolls about 1400 matriculated undergraduates. There are also cooperative Bachelors and Masters programs on site through Hodges University.

It may come as no surprise that the academic offerings include Associate Degree programs in Marine/Aquatic Biology, Diving Business and Technology, Marine Engineering and Marine Environmental Technology. But FKCC also offers programs in Nursing, Business and Education, among others.

The FKCC Website offers several links to informative videos about the Diving Program and facilities, and much more.

Although there are online references to FKCC’s sports teams being called “the Wreckers”, I could see no mention of an athletic program on the website.  But I can tell you that there is a Scuba Club, and this is probably one of the few college websites that has a direct link for pool parties. In the Academics section.

For further information on admission and registration, contact Cheryl Malsheimer, Director of Enrollment Services, at 305-809-3188 and at

Online, you can find Florida Keys Community College, on Facebook, at “Florida Keys Community College”.  I did not find a Twitter or YouTube account, although there is a Twitter account for the FKCC Police Academy.

So, from Aurora University in Illinois (currently 22 degrees, with severe blizzard conditions expected tonight and tomorrow) to Florida Keys Community College (currently 73, but mostly cloudy).  Where to tomorrow, if the power is still on in beautiful, icy New Jersey?  Stay tuned….


We end January in a state we haven’t visited before – actually two states.  And, to quote the legendary 80’s band, Flock of Seagulls, “aurora comes in view.”

Aurora University is located in Aurora, Illinois. Well, the main campus is.  But the George Williams College of Aurora University is located in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.  And Aurora’s Woodstock Center is located – not surprisingly – in Woodstock (Illinois, not upstate New York).

Aurora was founded in 1893.  It has about 2400 undergraduate students and about 1850 graduate studentsTuition is currently $18,700 and Room and Board is $8170.

Aurora has major programs in Business (including Actuarial Science), Nursing and Education, as well as many other fields.  In addition to its Masters programs, Aurora also has an EdD program. However, I think my favorite aspect of Aurora’s list of academic programs is that it is one of the few institutions to acknowledge the most popular freshman major in this country – Undecided.  Here’s the link!

The Aurora Spartans are an NCAA Division III athletic program, with 17 teams.  The Baseball program has been very successful, with 17 NCAA tournament appearances since 1987, finishing as the national runners-up in 1990.

Aurora has a great track record of giving back to the community in the form of its talented alumni.  The mayor of Aurora, Tom Weisner, as well as the top four commanders of the Aurora Police Department and one quarter of all teachers in the Fox Valley area are Aurora alumni.

You can reach the admissions office at 1-800-742-5281 or at

The Aurora Facebook page is entitled “Aurora University”.  The Aurora Twitter Account is @AuroraU.  Here is the link to Aurora’s YouTube account.

Well, we’ve visited our first school in Illinois.  And here, like so many other stops, there is snow in the forecast – blizzard warnings, in fact, according to the website.  I wish everyone, in Aurora and all across the U.S. College landscape, safe travels.  And I’ll see you tomorrow in….


As we travel from College to College, we get to meet new friends along the way.  Today’s (and tomorrow’s – I’m going to leave it up for the weekend) College of the Day has been written by one of those new found friends, Dan Landau. Dan’s website,, has great examples of his writing and photography. He is a graduate student at FDU, pursuing a master’s degree in corporate communication. Because being a full time graduate student takes up hardly any time at all, Dan also works as a graduate assistant in FDU’s public relations office and is an active photographer. Dan earned a BA in history, also at FDU,  in 2009.

So, without further ado, we go to Florham Park and Teaneck, NJ.  And Wroxton, England.  And Vancouver, Canada. all at the same time.  Thank you, Dan!

Today, we visit Fairleigh Dickinson University, the leader in global education. FDU was founded in 1942 as a small two-year college and has grown into the largest private university in New Jersey with everything from associate’s degrees to post-doctoral programs.

At FDU, there is something for everyone with 150 different majors and concentrations available, including psychology, communication, allied health technologies, nursing, entrepreneurship, finance, history, criminal justice, and creative writing.

FDU has four campuses—two in New Jersey, the College at Florham in Madison and the Metropolitan Campus in Teaneck/Hackensack and two abroad (Wroxton, England and Vancouver, Canada). There almost 12,500 full-time undergraduate students and over 8,000 graduate students enrolled at both NJ campuses. Base tuition is $30,140 (Metropolitan Campus) and $32,490 (College at Florham); however, more than four in five students receive financial aid and last year, FDU administered $56 million in scholarship money to its students. Room and board varies per campus and per dorm.

As the leader in global education, FDU is committed giving its students a global perspective, which is why FDU runs an outstanding study abroad program through which students can study anywhere in the world. The crown jewel of the program is Wroxton College, FDU’s British campus where students can spend a semester enjoying new cultural experiences. FDU also has short-term study abroad opportunities all over the world and service-learning trips.  On recent service-learning trips, FDU students have helped with Katrina clean up in New Orleans, renovated a school in Costa Rica and worked with Navajo children in Arizona.

FDU also has a strong relationship with the United Nations and every year, FDU hosts several UN ambassadors on campus, allowing students a unique opportunity to interact with the ambassadors.

Each NJ campus has its own athletics program, with the Division I Knights at the Metropolitan Campus and the Division III Devils at the College at Florham. The Knights Bowling team is the reigning NCAA champion.

Notable FDU alumni include Greg Olsen, the third private citizen to orbit the earth from the International Space Station, author and presidential speechwriter Peggy Noonan, former NJ acting governor Richard Codey, Home Depot co-founder Richard Brill, and George Martin of the New York Giants.

The admissions office can be reached at or 800-338-8803. There are 14 admissions counselors for the NJ-NY area; to find the one for your area, go here.

The official FDU Twitter page is @FDUWhatsNew.

Again- thank you, Dan!  I’m off to find my car under 17 more inches of new snow in Union, NJ and I’ll start our travels up all over again on Monday!  May your travels be safe!


With the weather being what it is in New Jersey, I figured I’d stay out west.  I traveled north of Berkeley to Aberdeen, Washington, home of Grays Harbor College.

Grays Harbor was founded in 1930, but didn’t become a public college until 1945.  In addition to multiple sites in Aberdeen, they also have sites in Ilwaco, Elma and Raymond, WA.

Tuition is currently $8762 for out-of-state students.   GHC does not provide on-campus housing.

Academic programs include both certificate and Associates programs and offer programs in both on-campus and online modes.  Transfer Programs include Nursing and Liberal Arts, while professional programs include Welding, Entrepreneurship and Energy Technology.

The Athletic teams are called the Chokers.  They are named after the choker chains used by loggers, but it is definitely one of the more unusual names I’ve come across in my travels.  The team mascot is Charlie the ChokerGHC is represented in Basketball (M,W), Baseball, Softball and Golf (M,W).  The teams compete in the NWAACC (Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges).

At one time, Grays Harbor must have had football.  Although it does not appear that he graduated from there, John Madden did, indeed, was a Choker, playing for Grays Harbor in the mid-1950s.

To reach the admissions office, you can call 1-800-562-4830 or email

Grays Harbor’s Twitter account is @graysharborTheir Facebook page is “Grays Harbor College”.

I hear the snow is going to stay in New Jersey through tomorrow morning.  But, I still have to figure out my next stop – Babson Park, Berkeley, Aberdeen…where to next?


We’ve gone obscure on College of the Day and traveled from Babson College, on the East Coast to UC-Berkeley, on the West Coast.  (At the end of the post, I’ll explain why this made perfect sense to me!)  So, today we attempt to answer the unanswerable: Cal vs. Berkeley…(We’ll also answer that one)

The University of California-Berkeley is located (of course) in Berkeley, CA.  It was founded in 1868 on land originally belonging to a private college called the College of California.

UC Berkeley has over 25,000 undergraduate students and over 10,000 graduate students.  Out-of-State Tuition is currently  $35, 341 and Room and Board is $15,308.

Berkeley is listed on virtually every national ranking, rating or survey known and is incredibly well respected in the fields of Engineering and Business.  But it has almost 350 degree programs, including a number of areas we haven’t see yet on C.O.D. – Chicano/Latino Studies, Demography, Celtic Studies, Range Management and Majors in 4 different Scandanavian languages – Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.

The campus includes some wonderful natural resources, including Eucalyptus Grove, which has the tallest stand of hardwood trees in North America.

The UC Berkeley athletic program is the program you may know better as the U. of California Golden Bears.  It is one of the most successful athletic programs in the country, winning national titles in 15 different sports, including 24 titles in Men’s Rugby, 15 in Men’s Crew, 13 in Men’s Water Polo, and 8 in Football.

UC Berkeley’s alumni include Earl Warren, 14th Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, actor Gregory Peck, Gov. Jerry Brown, former Secretary of Defense and President of the World  Bank, Robert McNamara, author Robert Penn Warren, and musicians Phil Lesh and Susanna Hoffs.  Just to name a few.

This is the link to the Admissions page. If they provide a phone number or email address, I could not find it anywhere on this page.  The directory number is 510-642-3175.

Their Twitter account is @CalAdmissions.  Their Facebook page is “University of California, Berkeley”. Interestingly, their Police Department even has a Facebook page, at “University of California Police Department, Berkeley”.

Well, we’ve traveled across the nation to start our week, from Babson to where “Bab’s Son” went to school.  Jason Gould, son of Barbra Streisand, attended UC-Berkeley. (Insert groan here)  And as for Cal vs. Berkeley…well, if you’re still deciding, think 6 vs. half a dozen…


I think we’re going to start this week by giving you the business.  Or at least a College known for Business.  And one that offers only one degree – a Bachelor of Science.  But they offer it with 25 different concentration options.  I give you…

Babson College is in Babson Park, MA, just 14 miles from Boston.  It was founded in 1919 and currently enrolls about 1800 undergraduates and about 1600 graduate students.

Concentrations vary from Gender Studies to Real Estate, from Ethics, Philosophy and Culture to Retail Supply Chain Management.  Babson historically does very well in those national magazine ratings when it comes to business, leadership and entrepreneurship programs.

Babson’s annual tuition is currently $39,040 and Room is Board is about $12, 876 (there are some options in terms of living and board options).

On campus, the Babson Globe was once the largest rotating globe in the world.

The Babson Beavers compete in the NCAA’s Division III and have recently had teams place in the NCAA tournament in Field Hockey, Men’s Ice Hockey, Men’s Skiing, Softball and Women’s Lacrosse.

Babson alumni include Home Depot cofounder and Owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank, Gerber Foods founder Daniel Gerber and Roger Enrico, Chair of DreamWorks Animation.

Babson Admissions can be reached by phone at 800-488-3696 and, by email at

Babson’s official Facebook page is named, simply, “Babson College”. Their Twitter account is @babsoncollegeUG.  Their YouTube account can be found here.

Well, we start a cold January week just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.  Where to next?  Your thoughts are always welcome at and at the “College Counseling for the Rest of Us” Facebook page.


We’ve visited a few “more” colleges this week (Morehouse, Morehead State and one of – by my count – 3 Thomas More’s out there.   But, we head a little closer to home as we look for one “moore” college.  No, Mr. Spellcheck, I meant that.

Moore College of Art and Design is located in the heart of the Philadelphia Museum District – and with good reason.  As the only Visual Arts College in the U.S. for women, it has a long tradition of educating future artists and designers.

Moore was founded in 1848.  It is a private, all women’s college (the grad programs, though are co-ed).  There are currently about 550 matriculated undergraduates and about 60 graduate students.  Tuition is $30,410 and Room and Board is $11,368.

Moore’s majors include Art Education, Art History, Curatorial Studies, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Photography and Digital Arts. All include an internship except for Art Education, which requires Student Teaching.

There are no athletic teams at Moore.

Alumnae include renowned fashion designer Adrienne Vittadini and  Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Sharon Wohlmuth.

To reach the admissions office, you can email them at or call them at 800-523-2025.  The Admission counselor for the 908 area code is Stefan Schechs.  Stefan can be reached at and via the toll-free number.  [UPDATE: STEFAN ASKED ME TO PASS ALONG ONE MORE LINK – TO THE MOORE SCHOLARSHIP PAGE: SO, HERE IT IS!

The Moore College Admissions Facebook page is entitled “Admissions at Moore College of Art & Design“.  I could find no overall College Facebook page, and I don’t see a Twitter account for the institution.

Well, another week of visiting more (and moore) colleges.  But there are thousands to go before we sleep, as it were.  I’ll see you next Monday, in…...


We continue our quest to discover “more” colleges, as this week’s travels bring us from Morehouse College to Morehead State University to…Thomas More College, in Crestview Hills, Kentucky.

Thomas More was founded in 1921. It is a private, 4 year college affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.

Currently, there are approximately 1400 undergraduates and about 150 graduate students at Thomas MoreTuition is $24,720 and Room and Board costs are $6790.

About half of Thomas More’s students are enrolled in Business and Administration degree programs, including Sports Entertainment and Marketing. The College does offer a variety of other academic programs, including Web Design, Gerontology and Environmental Science.

The Thomas More Saints are a Division III NCAA program. Some of the more successful teams have been the Women’s Volleyball program, with 10 NCAA tournament trips, the Women’s Basketball team (with 8) and the Men’s Football program, with 5 trips to the national tournament.

Among Thomas More’s alumni is baseball great David Justice and the first coach of the Indiana Pacers, Larry Staverman.

The Admissions counselor for New Jersey is Ed Thornton. Ed can be reached at and at 1-859–344-3327.

Thomas More’s Facebook page is entitled, simply, “Thomas More College”. Their Twitter account is @ThomasMoreNews.

Well, we’ve got one “more” college (insert groan here) to go this week.  I wish you all safe travels this winter and I’ll see you tomorrow….somewhere….


Today, we travel 425 miles and 4 letters – from Morehouse College, in Atlanta, GA to Morehead State University, in Morehead, KY.

Morehead State is a public University, offering Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees.  Approximately 7500 undergraduate and 1500 graduate students are enrolled there.  Currently, the annual out-0f-state tuition is $16,236 and Room and Board costs are $6582.

Morehead State was founded in 1887, and became a public institution in 1922, evolving from a Normal School to a Teachers College to a State College and, finally, in 1968 to University status.

Morehead State is one of only 4 schools in the nation with a Bachelors program in Space Science. Their Education programs are quite popular and they offer multiple Business tracts, including Sports Management and Small Business Management.

The Morehead State Eagles are an NCAA Division I program.  Their cheerleading program has won 30 National Titles, including 21 co-ed championships.

Among Morehead State’s more well known alumni are Union’s own Kelly Kulick (the first woman bowler to ever win a regular PBA tour title), NFL great Phil Simms, game show host Chuck Woollery and NPR’s Steve Inskeep.

To reach Admissions, you can call 1-800-585-6781. To arrange a campus visit, you can email Sandra Elam, at Please note that – unlike most schools – there is no “admissions” tab on the home page.  Look for “Future Students”.

Morehead State is well represented in terms of social media.  They effectively use a Twitter List called “Tweagle” to pull together all Morehead-related Twitter accounts.  The direct school Twitter account is @MSU_Tweagle. Their Facebook page is entitled “Morehead State University”. You can link to the Morehead State U. YouTube account here.

So, we’ve visited two “more” schools in our quest to find them all.  As for tomorrow, I guess we go from Atlanta to Morehead to ???????


We travel today to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s alma mater, Morehouse College, in Atlanta, GA.

Morehouse was founded in 1867 as the Augusta Institute.  Arriving in Atlanta two years later, it finally took the name of Morehouse College in 1913.

Morehouse is private, all-male, historically black collegeIt is one of only 3 all-males colleges still in existence.  The College enrolls approximately 2700 undergraduates. It does not have a graduate program.  Tuition is currently $22, 444 and Room and Board costs are $11, 494.

Over 1/3 of the students at Morehouse major in areas related to Business.  Other majors include International Relations, Urban Studies and Visual Arts.

The College was selected as the #1 Liberal Arts College in the nation, by Washington Monthly. It is home to both the King Collection, a 7000 piece library of Martin Luther King’s writing and RAYPAC, the brand new Ray Charles Performing Arts Center. The Marching Band has played at the Super Bowl, for the Today Show and at Atlanta Falcon games.  It is affectionately known as “the House of Funk”.

The Morehouse Maroon Tigers play at the NCAA Division II level in Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Tennis and Track and Field.

Alumni include Martin Luther King, Jr., Samuel Jackson, Spike Lee, Edwin Moses, Maynard Jackson, in addition to 2 Rhodes Scholars and 6 Fulbright Scholars.

To reach the admissions office, call 1-404-215-2632 or email

Morehouse is very active in social media.  Their Twitter account is @Morehouse.  Their Facebook page is “Morehouse College”. Their YouTube account is linked here, including a feature on the opening of RAYPAC.

So, we start the week at Martin Luther King’s undergraduate alma mater, in Atlanta, GA.  I wish you all safe passages and I will “see” you tomorrow, in parts yet to be determined…


Auburn, Alaska, North Carolina.  Long week, poorly arranged by my agent.   So, I decided to get back to Jersey today to finish the week.  To a school that was founded in 1927 as New Jersey State Normal School of Jersey City.  It has had multiple names since, but through all three name changes, its location has remained the same and has remained in its name.  I give you Jersey City State University.

NJCU has over 6300 undergraduate student and over 1000 graduate students. The fact that the word “city” is one of the only two constants through all of its name changes is important as NJCU’s Vision Statement is for NJCU to become a  recognized leader in urban public higher education.

Some of the more popular majors include the usual suspects – Business and Education. There are also multiple pre-professional options within the Biological Sciences.  But NJCU also offers the only Fire Science degree in the state and also offers a National Security Studies degree, as well.

In-State tuition is currently $9348 and the Room and Board costs are $9364.

The Gothic Knights are an NCAA Division III program.  The Women’s Bowling program, founded only in 2000, has been dominant.  They have been listed in every single National Top 10 ranking since January 2005. In 2004 and 2008, they finished third in the nation.

NJCU alumni include WFAN radio personality Jerry Recco and civil rights advocate Betty Shabazz.

The Admissions office can be reached at 1-888-441-6528 and at

Interestingly, I could no direct links to “official” Facebook, Twitter or YouTube accounts on their website, except when it came to Athletics.  The Athletics Dept. has a full menu of social media options.  Their Facebook page is entitled, “New Jersey City University Gothic Knight Athletics”.  Their Twitter page is @NJCU_Athletics. And their YouTube account link is here.

So, there you have it.  I hope I get reimbursed for mileage this week.  And I hope you enjoyed today’s visit to the school formerly known as New Jersey State Normal School at Jersey City, New Jersey State Teachers College of Jersey City and Jersey City State College.

See you on Monday in…??????


From a starting point at the tip of northern Alaska, I traveled over 45oo miles, heading southeast.  I ended up at Mars – well, Mars Hill, NC, anyway.  And I was still knee deep in snow.  Believe it or not, today’s College of the Day – 4500 miles south of yesterday’s – is closed today because of snow.  Welcome to Winter 2011!

Mars Hill College is located in Mars Hill, NC.  It was founded in 1856 and is affiliated with the Baptist Church.

Mars Hill has about 1200 students enrolled in its undergraduate programs.  It does not offer graduate study.

Popular academic programs include Education, Biological Sciences (including programs in Athletic Training and Zoology), Social Work and the Dramatic Arts (including Music and Theatre Arts).

The Bailey Mountain Cloggers – the College’s Dance Team – has won 18 National Championships since its relatively recent formation in the 1970’s.

The campus is also home to the Ramsey Center for Regional Studies, which includes the Southern Appalachian Archives and the Appalachian Reading Room, and is a fine example of Mars Hill’s commitment and connection to the region.

The Mars Hill Mountain Lions compete in Division II of the NCAA. The most successful program has been the Men’s Cross Country team, with 14 consecutive South Atlantic Conference titles.

Mars Hill alumni include Dr. Wayne Oates, noted Psychologist and Minister, who coined the word “workaholic” and Eugene Roberts, Jr., Pulitzer Prize Winner and Managing Editor of the New York Times from 1990-1997.

To reach the Admissions office, you can call 1-866-MHC-4-YOU or email them at

Mars Hill’s Facebook page is “Mars Hill College” and their Twitter account is @MarsHillLions.

Well, so far this week, we’ve visited the National BCS champion, we’ve traveled 320 miles above the Arctic Circle and we’ve been to Mars (Hill).  Not sure where to go from here, but we’ll be somewhere tomorrow and I hope you can join us for the next College of the Day.


With another 12-20 inches of snow predicted for my hometown of Union, NJ, I somehow thought it would be interesting to find the northernmost college in the U.S. I found a wonderful, small school with a noble mission – and it is WAY up north.

Welcome to Ilisagvik College, in Barrow, Alaska. It is 320 miles NORTH of the Arctic Circle, with the Arctic Ocean bordering the campus.  Google Maps could not even calculate directions to the campus, but I believe it is 500 miles north of Fairbanks.  When I complain that the sun sets too early in the winter, I mean 5 PM.  In Barrow, they mean November 18.

Ilisagvik is a 2 year, public, tribal college.  It was founded in 1986, became a college in 1991 and was regionally accredited in 2003.

Ilisagvik has about 220 students enrolled, of which about 100 are degree-seeking.  The College was founded with the intent of providing an education based on the Inupiaq cultural heritage.  85% of the students are Native American.

Academic programs at Ilisagvik include Associate Degree programs in Business, Accounting, Allied Health, Emergency Services and Inupiaq Studies, as well as Certificate programs in areas such as Certified Nurse Aide, Pipeline Insulation, Entrepreneurship, Firefighter I certification and Inupiag Language. The College offers a “Teacher of the Arctic” program in conjunction with 4 year Alaskan institutions.

Out-of-state tuition is currently $4020 and Room and Board would be $10,650.

The College website is The phone number for further information is 907-852-3333.

There is a Twitter account in the College’s name, but it has not been utilized since 2009.  There are no social media links on the College’s website.

Well, I didn’t mean to do this alphabetically, but – so far, this week – we’ve traveled from Alabama to Alaska.  Where to next?  I do know one thing – we’ll be heading south as we leave Barrow.  Safe travels, everyone and I’ll “see’ you tomorrow… but where?


Since I ended last week by profiling one participant in tonight’s BCS Championship game, it seems fair that today we visit Auburn, Alabama and that city’s namesake institution, Auburn University.

Auburn was founded in 1856, as East Alabama Male College, a private, Methodist, all-male institution.  Through various twists and turns, it eventually became Auburn University, a public, coeducational university, in 1960.

There are approximately 20,000 undergraduates and 4600 graduate students at Auburn.  Out-of-state tuition is $21,916 and the Room and Board annual cost is $9630.

Auburn is one of the few universities in the country to be a land-grant, sea-grant AND space-grant institution. Reflecting these commitments, majors at Auburn include Aquaculture, Soil Science, Aerospace Engineering, Aviation Management and Wildlife Ecology and Management.

The athletic teams are known as the Tigers and participate in the NCAA Division I.  They were the Equestrian National Champions in 2006 and have won multiple Men’s and Women’s National Swimming and Diving Championships.   Their football teams have been recognized as national champions in 1913, 1914, 1957, 1958, 1983, 1993 and 2004.  They are the only program coached by John Heisman to actually produce a Heisman trophy winner – in fact, three (Pat Sullivan, Bo Jackson and Cam Newton).

The New Jersey “Admissions Advisor” is Louisa Thompson. Louisa can be reached at  The main admission number is 1-800-282-8769.

Auburn’s Facebook page is titled simply “Auburn University”.  Their Twitter account is @AuburnU.  Here is a link to AuburnUniversity’s YouTube channel.

So, we start the week in the southeast (although I understand that it is currently 35 degrees, with light rain and ice).  So, we’ll bundle up, buy some milk, eggs and salt and plan for the rest of the week.  See you tomorrow!


After hanging out on the East Coast all week, we decided to avoid the New Jersey snow and travel clear cross county – to a school that has a big football game coming up next Monday.

The University of Oregon was founded in 1876.  It is located in Eugene and has over 23,000 students, including over 16,000 undergraduate students.  Tuition for out-of-state students is currently $26,010 and Room and Board totals $9137.

U. of Oregon is noted for its School of Architecture and Allied Arts.  It offers quite a variety of courses in the Arts, as well as in

The campus features a Sports Marketing Center, the Many Nations Longhouse, a Mountain Observatory and a Marine Biology Institute.

The Ducks have won 14 NCAA National Team Championships, with 12 of those coming in Cross Country or Track and Field. They have had 60 individual Track and Field champions. They also were the winners of the very first NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in 1939, long before it was known as March Madness.

The Duck IS, in fact, THE Donald. In 1947, then Athletic Director Les Harris and THE Walt Disney shook hands.  There was no official paperwork, and there have been some legal issues ever since.

U. of Oregon alumni include 10 Pulitzer Prize winners and 2 Nobel Prize winners, as well as actors Howard Hessemen and David Ogden Stiers, author Ken Kesey, President of Columbia U. Lee Bollinger, football star and announcer (and Phylicia’s former husband) Ahmad Rashad and legendary runners Mary Decker, Steve Prefontaine and Alberto Salazar.

The New Jersey representative for the Admissions office is Brian Stanley, Assistant Director of Admissions.  Brian can be reached at and at 541-346-1231.  The toll free number is a delightful 1-800-BE–A-DUCK.

The University’s Facebook page is titled, simply, “University of Oregon“, their official Twitter account is @Univ_of_Oregon and here is the link to their active YouTube account.

Well, another week, another 5000 miles on our imaginary vehicle.   I thank Widener, Spartanburg Methodist College, Bergen County Community College and the University of Oregon for being great places to write about.  And let’s see where we end up on Monday.  Since we did U. of Oregon today, maybe we should visit a school that has the same name as a hair color.  Since we already visited Brown…


From Spartanburg, SC, we travel twelve hours and 3 minutes (mostly on U.S. 81) and find ourselves on New Jersey’s Route 17.  Luckily, there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts at my next campus.

Bergen County Community College is the largest community college in the state of New Jersey, with over 32,000 students in total and over 16,000 degree candidates.

BCCC was founded in 1965.  Its main campus is in Paramus and it also offers classes at sites in Lyndhurst and Hackensack. Tuition for out-of-county residents is $248 per credit, while Bergen County residents pay $118.30 per credit.  There are no residential facilities on-campus or affiliated with the school.

As you might expect with a school of this size, there are an incredible variety of academic programs, from a certificate in Baking to an Associates in Banking.  from a certificate as a Legal Nurse Consultant to an Associate degree in Nursing. If there is a profession you are interested in, BCCC probably has the program to get you started.

Future plans include an Aviation degree track that will include a flight simulator on campus. Stay tuned!

BCCC is a member of the NJCAA and competes as the Bulldogs.  Their Men’s Basketball program has been a Regional champ the last two years, including an undefeated regular season in 2009-2010.  Both years, they finished 3rd in the National “Final Four”.

I have to plead ignorance on BCCC’s alumni.  BCCC may have the thinnest Wikipedia entry for any College of the Day I’ve researched so far (obviously not a reflection on the institution itself) and some quick Google searches didn’t provide additional info.  So, if you know of some famous and/or successful BCCC alumni, please let me know – thank you!

BCCC’s website is To contact Admissions, please call 201-447-7195 or email them at

They are active on Facebook at “Bergen Community College” and they have a YouTube channel, as well.  I do not see an official Twitter account for the school.

Well, we’ve visited two very different 2-year colleges: a small, private southeastern 2-year school with less than 1000 students and a large, public northeastern school with more than 32,000 students.  So, how (and where) do we end the week tomorrow?  Suggestions are always welcome at See you tomorrow!


Happy 100th Birthday, Spartanburg Methodist College! Founded in 1911, SMC is a something of a rarity in the current age of higher education – a PRIVATE 2 year college.

SMC was founded by and remains affiliated with the United Methodist Church.  Enrollment is approximately 800, with about 7% coming from out-of-state or internationally.  Tuition is currently $13,524 and Room and Board is $7400.

Academic programs include Associate Degree programs in Arts, Sciences, Criminal Justice and Religious Studies, as well as a Paralegal Certificate program.

The Pioneers are a member of the NJCAA and won the 1994 National Championship in Men’s Soccer. But there is quite a lineup of alumni who played major league baseball, including Mookie Wilson, Orlando Hudson and Reggie Sanders.

The College’s website is The Out-of-State admission representative is Julie Lanford. Julie can be reached at 1-864-587-4233 and

The College’s Facebook page is simply “Spartanburg Methodist College”. Their Twitter account is @smcsc.  I could not find a specific SMC YouTube account, however.

From Chester, PA to Spartanburg, SC – from the team formerly known as the Pioneers to the team still known as the Pioneers – so we begin our new year.  22 colleges, from 16 states, have been covered so far.  So, we still have many, many miles to go before we sleep.  Where to next?


As we start our 2011 leg of our journey, we come to a place that has had many names, been in many locations and had multiple identities before “settling in” as Widener University.

Widener University began its life as the “Bullock School for Boys”, in Wilmington, DE, in 1821.  It arrived in Chester, PA in 1868.  It became a College in 1892, and had its longest run as Pennsylvania Military College, from 1892 to 1966. Finally, it became Widener College in 1972 and Widener University in 1979.

Widener, besides its main campus in Chester, also has locations in Harrisburg and Exton, as well as Wilmington, DE. It enrolls about 3300 undergraduate and 3300 graduate students and tuition is currently $33,270 and room and board is $11,720. 45% of Widener’s students are from out-of-state, with New Jersey, Delaware and New York being the most popular states of origin

Widener has a national reputation for service and was selected as one of the top five in that category by Washington Monthly. This ranking is based on participation of students and alumni in areas such as the Peace Corps, ROTC and community service.  Widener is also a participant in Project Pericles.

Widener offers over 50 majors and over 30 graduate programs.  Popular majors include Business, Engineering, Nursing and Psychology. The University also has a School of Hospitality Management and a Law School. Special facilities include an astronomical observatory, a rock climbing wall, a restaurant lab and a recording studio.

The Pride (the Pioneers until 2006) are an NCAA Division III program.  They were the 1977 and 1981 National Division III football champions and the 1978 D3 National Men’s Basketball runners-up. The Men’s Swimming team has won 12 MAC Conference championships.

Widener alumni include legendary movie pioneer Cecil B. DeMille and NFL football stars Billy “White Shoes” Johnson and Joe Fields. (DeMille was enrolled, of course,  when it was Pennsylvania Military College).

Widener Admissions can be reached at 1-888-WIDENER and at  There are several admissions officers for different parts of NJ, but the Union County rep is Shannan Smith, who can be reached at

Widener is active in social media with a Facebook page entitled “Widener University” a Twitter account @WidenerUniv and a YouTube account, as well.

Well, we start 2011 in Chester, PA.  Where to next?  Suggestions are welcome at!


For the last College of the Day for 2010, I selected my alma mater, Adelphi University.

Adelphi is located in Garden City, NY and was founded in 1896. (I was NOT in the first class.  Who said that?)  The College was originally located in Brooklyn and moved to its current location in 1929.  There are also classes offered in Manhattan, Hauppauge and Poughkeepsie.

There are approximately 5000 undergraduate students and about 3000 graduate students enrolled.  Tuition is currently $$27,430 and Room and Board is $11,000.

Major programs of interest include Nursing, Accounting, Speech Pathology, Dramatic Arts and Dance.

The Panthers are an NCAA Division II member, except in Women’s Bowling and Men’s Soccer, where they are in D1.  Their Women’s Lacrosse team is a two-time defending national champion and is ranked #1 in the pre-season to obtain a three-peat.

Famous Adelphi alumni include Past President of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Nick Cummings and radio personality Gary Dell’Abate (who graduated from the Communications program the year before I enrolled in the very same program).

Adelphi’s official Facebook page is entitled, simply, “Adelphi University”. Their twitter account is @AdelphiU. And here’s a link to the Adelphi University YouTube channel.

To reach the Admissions staff,  you can call 1-800-ADELPHI or email (or, as the case may be).  The Admission Counselor responsible for New Jersey is Kristen Collins and she is available at

Well, that’s it for 2010.  We’re closing up the College of the Day shop until Monday, January 3, 2011.  It’s been a fun ride so far, but we’ve still got about 4000 schools to visit and states we haven’t even gone to yet.  I wish you all a happy, healthy New Year and I’ll see you in 2011!!


To paraphrase Sir Paul McCartney, somewhere in the Black Mountain Hills of South Dakota there lived a great school to learn about rocks.  And engineering and metallurgy and mining.   The Tuesday/Wednesday “College of the Day and a Half” is The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Yes, let me tell you about the only College in the nation where its graduates’ average starting salary exceeds its full 4-year cost of tuition…

Located in Rapid City, South Dakota (yes, in the beautiful Black Hills), the School of Mines was founded in 1885 to meet the growing research needs of the mining industry.  In the 125 year interim, it has become a leading technological institution of higher learning.

There are approximately 1600 undergraduates at the School of Mines and another 250-300 graduate students.  Tuition is currently $8799 for out-of-state students and Room and Board is $5601. The School of Mines may be one of the best values in higher education today.

Academic programs include 10 Bachelor’s Degree programs just in Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Geological, Industrial, Mechanical, Metallurgical and Mining), as well as Computer Science, Atmospheric Science and Geology.

Alumni include James Abourezk, the first Arab-American to serve in the U.S. Senate and Frank Richardson, former President and CEO of Shell Oil.

The School of Mines is a member of the NAIA and is another school with a really cool team name – the Hardrockers!

The School has a useful Admissions page that helps guide you through your “next steps”.    You can contact the admissions dept. via email at or call them at 877-877-6044.

The School’s official Facebook page is entitled “South Dakota School of Mines and Technology”. and their Twitter account is @sdsmt. Their YouTube account boldly – and with good reason and backing data – declares SDSMT to be the “Best College investment in the Nation”.

So, we start the week traveling from Snow to Mines – from Utah to South Dakota.  We’re going to use Wednesday as a ‘travel day’ to get back east and we’ll see you all – somewhere – on Thursday!


As I look outside at record snowfall amounts outside of my home and office in Union, NJ, it seems only fitting that today’s College of the Day would be called “Snow”. Yes, welcome to Snow College, in Ephraim, Utah.

Snow College was founded in 1888 and is not named after the white, fluffy stuff that just fell all over my house, lawn and car.  It is named after two 19th century leaders of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Lorenzo and Erastus Snow.  The College moved from Church to State control in 1932.  It is now a 2 year public college.

Snow has a wonderful collaborative relationship with the Julliard School of Music in the fields of music, art and dance.  Julliard faculty offer guest lectures and workshops at Snow.  But Snow also has an amazingly eclectic mix of academic programs, including Agribusiness, Forestry, Construction, Japanese, Pre-Nursing, Culinary Arts and Cosmetology.

Over 4300 undergraduates attend Snow.  Tuition for out-of-state students is $8238 and Room and Board is $2620.

The Snow Badgers (another great team name) are a member of the NJCAA and have been a Junior College powerhouse, winning the NJCAA championship in 1985 and finishing #2 in 2006.

The campus is within 20 miles of Maple Canyon, a world class location for rock climbing and climbing classes are offered through Snow.

To obtain further information about Snow College, check out the website at The phone number is 1-800-848-3399 and the email address is

Snow has a great video site called “Snow Tube”! They also have an official Twitter account @SnowCollege and a Facebook account (not a fan page) at “Buster Badger”

So, Monday finds us knee deep in Snow and enjoying amazing music, great football and world class rock climbing in Utah.  As I go back out to shovel, let me think about Tuesday’s destination.  Stay tuned…


We started the week with one of the most diverse colleges in the country and we end the week with one of the most diverse colleges in the nation.  Both are on an island.  We started on the island of Oahu and we end on the island of Long.  St. Francis College, in Brooklyn, NY is today’s College of the Day.

St. Francis was founded in 1859 and enrolls about 2400 undergraduate students. It promotes itself as the “most affordable private college in New York City”, with a tuition of 17,280.  There is no fixed room and board costs, per se, but there are limited housing arrangements available.

Saint Francis’ more popular majors include Business and Communications, including programs in areas such as Sports Management and Digital Media. The College also hosts the Institute for International and Cross Cultural Psychology.

You might expect an “island” school to have a great men’s water polo team – St. Francis has a nationally ranked power house!  The Terriers were the only non-Californian team in the NCAA Final Four this year. Overall, the Terriers offer 8 men’s sports and 9 women’s sports at the Division I level.

Alumni include the chairman and CEO of Monster Worldwide, Sal Ianuzzi and one of the youngest NY City Councilman ever, Erich Ulrich, who was elected in 2009, at the age of 24.

The main college website is  They have an active YouTube account at “stfrancisny’s channel”.  While I could not find a Twitter or Facebook account for the College, per se, the Athletics Department does have both.  The link to all of the Athletics’ Dept. social media links is here.

To reach Admissions directly, call 718-489-5200 or email them at  On a side note, I have to share that my high school home room teacher (St. Francis Prep, ’82), Brother Dominic Quigley, is now a member of the St. Francis College admissions team.  Tell Brother that Michael sent you!

Well, that’s our four day travel week – Honolulu, Providence, Trenton and Brooklyn.  We’re going to tank up on gas, put the car in the garage until next Monday and make plans for our next set of destinations.  Maybe we’ll make a list.  And check it twice…


Thomas Edison was a great exemplar of a self-directed, independent lifetime learner.  So is his namesake, Thomas Edison State College, in Trenton, New Jersey.  For today’s College of the Day, we travel to an “adults only” destination, as Thomas Edison, or “TESC”, is for ages 21 and older, only.

TESC was founded in 1972 and moved to its downtown Trenton campus in 1979.  But, if you attend Thomas Edison, there is a a very real chance you will not take a single course in Trenton.  They offer courses in a variety of formats, including  online, via flash drive, E-Pack and through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).  The College accepts up to 120 credits in undergraduate transfer, including credits from CLEP examinations, DANTES military credit and traditional college transfer credit.

Thomas Edison enrolls approximately 17,000 undergraduate students, as well as almost 1000 graduate students. There are over 100 academic programs available, ranging from undergraduate certificates, associate and baccalaureate degree programs and graduate certificate and degree programs.  Tuition is structured a little differently than most schools, with a comprehensive tuition fee of $4883 annually for students taking up to 36 credits and an Enrollment Option Plan for students taking fewer credits.

TESC alumni include Bonnie Watson Coleman, Major Leader of the New Jersey General Assembly.  Not surprisingly for a college designed specifically for adult learners, they do not have an NCAA sports program.

TESC’s website is  To reach admissions, you can call them at 1-888-442-8372 or email them at admissions@tesc.eduTheir Admissions Video Guide is quite helpful and offers a comprehensive overview of both the college and the admissions (and credit transfer) processes.

I could not find official Facebook or Twitter accounts for TESC, but I could find an alumni Linkedin Group listed under “Thomas Edison State College”. If someone is aware of a Twitter or FB page, please let me know.  Thanks!

Well, for Wednesday’s visit, we had to show some ID.  It’s been a week of Hawaiian beaches, an Ivy League campus in New England and a school exclusively for a mature audience.  One more school to go (we’re taking Christmas Eve off) – where should we go?


Since it’s Joe Paterno’s birthday today, I thought I’d profile his alma mater.  And, no, we are not going to State College.  We’re off on the “Rhode” to Providence, Rhode Island, home of Brown University.

Joe Pa graduated in 1950, but even though it seems like he’s been around forever, Brown University has been around a little bit longer.  Founded in 1764, Brown is the seventh oldest college in the U.S. (and actually precedes the U.S.!) and, as you probably know, is a member of the Ivy League.

Brown has just over 6000 undergraduate students and another 1800 graduate students. The University consists of the Undergraduate College, the Graduate School, the Alpert Medical School and the School of Engineering. Popular majors include Biology, History and International Relations.  But the College offers over 70 major programs, including Egyptolology and Ancient Western Asian Studies.

The Graduate programs do NOT include a Law School or Business School, making Brown and Princeton the only Ivy League schools to not offer such graduate programming.

Tuition is currently just over $40,000 and Room and Board is just over $10000.

As you probably know, I’m not a big fan of college rankings, but I have to share that Brown was ranked #1 for “America’s Happiest College Students”.

The Brown Bears athletic program has 37 teams and has claimed the Women’s Rowing National championship 6 times.

The list of successful and/or noteworthy Brown alumni is lengthy.  A small sample of the list includes John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Ted Turner, Horace Mann, the aforementioned Mr. Paterno, John W. Heisman and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindahl.

The official Brown University website is The Admissions phone number is 401-863-2378.There are multiple links to assist you at the Brown Admissions page. The University’s Facebook page is entitled, simply, “Brown University”, and their YouTube account link is here. For what it’s worth, I can find almost no University presence on Twitter.

From Honolulu to Providence.  An interesting week so far that should only get more interesting as we travel next to…


I thought late December would be a good time to go to the islands.  We are here (metaphysically, of course) at Chaminade University, in Honolulu, HI, on the island of Oahu, just 2 miles from Waikiki Beach.

Chaminade is the only Catholic College in Hawaii.  It was founded in 1955 and enrolls about 2850 students – about 1100 full time undergraduates, 1000 part-time undergrads and about 750 graduate students.  It is often listed as one of the most diverse campuses in the nation.

Among the more popular programs at Chaminade are Business, Communications, Criminal Justice and Education.  The school also has programs in Interior Design and Forensic Sciences. A brand new Nursing program admitted its first class in August 2010.

You may know Chaminade’s athletic program for the “biggest upset in college basketball history”, but Chaminade also has teams in 7 other sports, including Volleyball and Cross-Country. The teams are called the Silverswords, after a native Hawaiian plant.

Tuition is currently $17,740 for out-of-state students and the room and board cost is $10,890.

Chaminade’s admissions staff can be reached at 1-800-735-3733 and

Chaminade is active in social media, with a great YouTube channel, and a Facebook fan page entitled, “Chaminade University of Honolulu, HI”.  I had trouble finding an “official” Twitter account for the College or the Admissions office, but the official Athletics account is @goswords.

It must be something to run cross-country on the island of Oahu, or be part of an inaugural Nursing class or be part of one of the most diverse colleges in the nation.  But it’s just one of over 4000 fascinating College stories out there and we’ve got miles to go before we sleep.   Tomorrow, we’ll be in…..


For Friday’s College, we go to the University of Mary, located in Bismarck, ND. But, it is also has locations in Fargo, and in 3 sites in Montana, and in Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, Wyoming and – as of 2010 – Italy!

UMary was founded in 1959.  It currently enrolls approximately 2000 undergraduates and over 800 graduate students.  It is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church and promotes itself as “America’s Leadership University”.

Business is a very popular academic choice for UMary students, but the school also has programs in a variety of other fields.  Some of the less common include Corrections Management, Sports and Leisure Management and Addiction Counseling.

UMary is as affordable a private college as they come. Tuition and fees are currently $13050 annually and Room and Board (there are some different options) is about $5180.  Also, if you are a veteran, please note that they are a “Yellow Ribbon” school

The Mary Marauders (I love the name) are a Division II NCAA athletic program, with 7 Men’s and 7 Women’s teams.

UMary is VERY active in social media.  They have multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, with the College’s website providing a concise directory of of the official accounts. The Admissions Facebook page is entitled University of Mary Admissions Office”. The “general news” Twitter account is @umary. They have a University of Mary YouTube account, as well as a link to their blogs and their alumni Linkedin account.

The University does have a specific “New Jersey” admission counselor, Lindsay Adornato. Lindsay can be reached at 701-355-8275.   The toll-free Admissions number is 800-288-6279.  Lindsay’s email is The College’s main website is

Lindsay sent me an email update , sharing with me that UMary’s Health Sciences programs are also quite well respected – from Nursing to Physical Therapy to Occupational Therapy to Respiratory Therapy. In fact, the Respiratory Therapy program is incredibly well respected – top 2% in the nation; UPenn has actually flown their students out to interview them in PA.  Also adding a Catholic Studies program – interdisciplinary program to help students view courses across the academic spectrum through the eyes of Catholic faith.  Thank you, Lindsay!

Well, we’ve survived another week, with travels to schools in New Jersey  both real and imagined, a school that has an alumni chapter on the moon, a school that is about to gain a new name in Maryland and we’ve finished the week – one week before Christmas Eve – somewhat fittingly, at the University of Mary.  Enjoy the weekend and I look forward to traveling with you again on Monday!


If it’s Thursday, it must be Deptford Township, New Jersey.  Welcome to Gloucester County College!

GCC was founded in 1966.  Over 6400 students are currently enrolled in its 2-year, certificate and non-credit programming, including enrollment at is Business and Industry Training Center in West Deptford.

Gloucester’s most popular degree programs, in order of enrollment, are the A.A. degree in Arts and Sciences, the A.S. in Business, the A.A. in Education and the A.S. in Criminal Justice.

The “Roadrunners” have been incredibly successful in their athletic programming.  In less than 50 years of existence, they have won 16 NATIONAL championships in NJCAA competition, including 6 in Wrestling, 6 in Baseball, and 1 each in Women’s Cross-County, Men’s Cross-Country, Men’s Tennis and Basketball.

Alumni include a member of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, Patti Smith.

GCC is very active on Facebook, at “Gloucester County College”. with over 4000 fans/likes!  Their website is Their YouTube account is active, with promotional and educational videos, as well as a funny video announcing the new Chick-fil-A on campus (as of Sept. 2010!)

You can reach GCC Admissions via the web page and there is an online inquiry form available.  The College’s main phone number is 856-468-5000.  I could not find a direct admission number, nor an email address on the admissions link, however.  I could also not find a Twitter account, so if anyone is aware of one, please let me know so that I can follow – thank you!

So, this week has found us in Michigan and Maryland, with two stops in New Jersey (one real and one not so real).  Where should we go to finish the week tomorrow?


Today’s College of the Day is Notre Dame. But there are three things I should probably point out.

The first thing is that, if you traveled to South Bend, IN to meet me, you are very lost.  I’m in Baltimore, Maryland.

The second thing is that, if you are pronouncing the 2nd word to rhyme with same or tame – stop.  It’s Notre Dame, as in Mom.

The third thing is that we will be at the COLLEGE OF NOTRE DAME OF MARYLAND for only a very short time.  On September 9, 2011, the school will become NOTRE DAME OF MARYLAND UNIVERSITY.

Notre Dame of Maryland has about 1250 undergraduate students and about 1800 graduate students.  The traditional undergraduate college enrolls women only, while the adult and graduate programs are co-educational.

Business and Education are popular majors and the soon-to-be University opened a School of Pharmacy in 2009, to become the only private college in Maryland to offer the PharmD.   The school offers a Pre-Museum Studies program within its Art degree and offers a major in Digital Media Arts.

Notre Dame was founded in 1873. It was listed in US News and World Report as a “Great School, Great Price”. Its tuition is currently $28,350 and the room and board annual charge is currently $9500.  Among Notre Dame’s alumnae are Brigadier General Elizabeth P. Hoisington, one of the first two women promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.

The College participates in the NCAA Division 3, with 8 teams in sports such as basketball, swimming and lacrosse.  The teams are named the Gators. (No, I don’t know why either)

They have a really cool video contest – “Whose Life Will You Change?” – with a $1500 first prize. Click on the link to learn more.

The College’s website is They have an active social media presence, with over 1500 “likes” on their Facebook page, “College of Notre Dame of Maryland” a great Twitter account, @NotreDameofMd and a presence on flickr.

So, I’ll wait for you to catch up to me in Baltimore.  It’ll give me time to decide where we should go on Thursday.  Feel free to share any thoughts at @MichaelCCR on Twitter or email me at


Today we visit the only college to have an alumni chapter on the moon.

The University of Michigan is big.  It has over 26,000 undergraduate students, over 15,000 graduate students and over 600 academic programs.   Over 30,000 undergraduate applications are received each year and students come from all 50 states and over 100 countries.  There are more than 500 buildings on campus and the campus houses the largest football stadium in the world.

The main campus is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with satellite locations in Flint and Dearborn.

It is the oldest college in the state – in fact, it actually started before there was a state of Michigan. It was founded in 1817, in Detroit, while Michigan achieved statehood in 1837.

UM’s most popular undergraduate program is engineering.  At the graduate level, engineering and business are the two most popular choices.  The University and its academic programs are listed in numerous top College rankings.

Michigan’s athletic teams are motivated by a fight song that was called by none other than John Phillip Sousa as the “greatest college fight song ever written.”  The Wolverines have won 11 National championships in football, 9 in hockey and 1 in men’s basketball.  Athletes from the University of Michigan have won medals in every Summer Olympics since 1900, and have won gold in all but 4 of the modern summer Olympics.

Alumni include U.S. President Gerald R. Ford, Sanjay Gupta, Raoul Wallenberg, Tom Brady and Lucy Liu, as well as 26 Rhodes Scholars and 7 Nobel Prize winners.  And three Apollo 15 astronauts (well, one was an honorary degree, but anyway…)

That brings us to the Moon. While there is no Michigan flag flying up there (contrary to popular Michigan mythology) there was an alumni chapter plaque placed and an official U. of Michigan chapter was chartered on the Moon by those three Wolverines.

The U. of Michigan website is  They utilize the Common Application for Admissions.  Don’t expect to find a phone number or email address for admissions information.  At least not easily.  But there are plenty of online links to obtain your information or make an appointment for a tour.  The University has a very active social media presence, with a “University of Michigan” Facebook page that has over 223,000 more fans than me (come on, CCR nation!), a Twitter account @umich, an itunes account and a You Tube account.

So, we’ve gone from a college with no enrollment to a college with over 40,000 students and Plainfield, NJ to Ann Arbor, MI.  Where should we go on Wednesday?  Stay tuned….


Plainfield Teacher’s College may not be a school you have heard of, even if you’re from New Jersey.  But, in 1941, they dominated the small college football scene.  The New York and Philadelphia newspapers updated their readers with updates on how PTC was dominating their opponents on their way to a potential bowl game.  Led by Johnny “The Celestial Comet” Chung, and utilizing a unique “W” formation (both ends faced the backfield) they were becoming quite a sensation.

That is, until a reporter went to Plainfield, NJ to check the team out. Turns out that there was no football team at Plainfield Teacher’s College.  Nor was there a Plainfield Teacher’s College.  There were Teacher’s Colleges in Jersey City, Newark, Paterson, Montclair, Glassboro and Trenton, but none had a football team (one day I’ll ask my readers to name each of these schools’ current names)

It was all a hoax perpetuated by a radio announcer and a stockbroker – a hoax that is considered one of the “10 Best College Sports Pranks” of all-time by Sports Illustrated. As summed up by Columnist Franklin Pierce Adams as he wrote the imaginary school’s alma mater, “Far Above New Jersey’s Swamplands/Plainfield Teacher’s spires!/Mark a phony, ghostly college/That got on the wires…”

Since I had a wonderfully constructive, but wonderfully busy day today (including a great trip to Plainfield itself), I didn’t want to “shortchange” any actual colleges by having them as College of Day for only a few hours.  But I didn’t think an imaginary school would mind…

See you tomorrow in ?????  (I promise it will be real, though!)


Our travels today bring us to a small Texas town situated between Fort Worth and Abilene. Welcome to Ranger, TX – home of Ranger College.

Ranger College, founded in 1923,  is a community college enrolling just under 400 degree seeking students.  Academic programs include Nursing, Cosmetology and a

The out-of-state tuition, as of 2009-2010, was $73 per credit, but with a $250 minimum.  Housing is available.

Ranger athletic teams are known as the — Rangers.  The Rangers have achieved national success, winning the NJCAA 1978 Football championship and the NIRA Rodeo Championship in 2007.

Famous alumni include Major League Baseball star Ellis Burks, major league pitcher Jim Morris – of whom the Disney movie “The Rookie” was based and the late NY Giants wide receiver, Johnny Perkins.

To apply to Ranger College, simply go to  If you have questions, contact the Registrar’s office at (254) 647-3234 X215.  The Ranger College website is Their Facebook page is listed as “Ranger College”. The College does have a Twitter Account, @RangerCollege, but it does not appear to be active.


Today, we visit a school that has more New Jersey students than most schools in New Jersey. I give you the University of Delaware.

The University of Delaware is both a public AND private institution. I’m not sure I follow all of the semantics to this, but it is considered a “state assisted” institution.

UD has over 16,000 undergraduates and over 5,000 students.  Interestingly, 64% of the undergraduate and 69% of the graduate students from the University of Delaware are not Delawareans.

It was founded in 1743.  The first class was an amazing one; there were only 10 students, but three of them went on to sign the Declaration of Independence.

UD’s Chemical Engineering program is ranked in the “top 10” by U.S. News and World Report and its Art Conservation program is one of only 4 in the United States.

The Fightin’ Blue Hens are in the NCAA’s Division 1.  They have won multiple national championships in Football, the FCS and D1-AA levels.  The Men’s Lacrosse team went to the NCAA Final Four in 2007.

University of Delaware alumni include U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, professional football player Joe Flacco, rock legend George Thorogood and the co-inventor of Gore-Tex, Robert Gore.

Out-of-state tuition for 2010-2011 is $25,408 and room and board is $9894.

The College’s website is  Its Facebook page is entitled simply “University of Delaware” (over 15,000 fans – I’m only 14,900 behind them!) and their Twitter account is @udailynews.

As with all of the Colleges of the Day, my sources include the College’s website, the College Board’s 2011 College Handbook, Wikipedia and my own knowledge and experiences.  I’ll see you tomorrow in ???????


Miami-Dade College is a community college. But its community is both local and worldwide.  While serving Miami and Dade counties for the past 51 years through 8 locations, it has also grown, via online education, to serve over 170.000 students.  It is the largest not for profit institution of higher learning in the United States. Its own website,, touts the school as “the largest and most diverse college in the nation”.

Miami-Dade offers literally hundreds of academic programs, including everything from Aviation Management to midwifery, from Latin American Studies to Sign Language Interpretation.

Their athletic teams are known as the Sharks and participate in the NJCAA.  Their Women’s Volleyball team went undefeated during the regular season in 2010 and finished 5th in the National Tournament.

Graduates go on to a variety of different 4-year institutions, including Georgetown, Yale, MIT and the Georgia Institute of Technology.  The Honors College was started in 2002 to meet the needs of top scholars at Miami-Dade.

Alumni include baseball great Mike Piazza and actor Andy Garcia.

One of the most interesting areas of the college is the Emerging Technologies Center of the Americas, which is a 40,000 square foot, state of the art technology center that, according to the ETCOTA website, “rivals that of any in the world”.

The main college website is The admissions number is 305-237-2222.  I found a twitter account for their North Campus Continuing Education program at @MDCNorthCE.  I haven’t found a “main” Twitter account – let me know if you know of it!  Their Facebook page is entitled the “Miami Dade College Official Site”.

As with all of the Colleges of the Day, my sources include the College’s website, the College Board’s 2011 College Handbook, Wikipedia and my own knowledge and experiences.  I’ll see you Thursday in ???????


If it’s Tuesday, it must be Phoenix.  Or maybe I’m just in front of my computer. Or both, in the case of Tuesday’s College of the Day, Grand Canyon University. GCU’s main campus is in Phoenix, Arizona but it is well known for its online programming.

GCU possesses a fascinating combination of traits.  It is a regionally accredited, for-profit, Christian institution. It was recognized by US News and World Report as having one of the 10 largest online enrollments in the U.S., but it has also invested over $200 Million in on-campus improvements in the last decade.

GCU touts itself as “Arizona’s Private University”.  The College Board’s 2011 College Handbook lists undergraduate enrollment as 2835, and graduate enrollment as over 12,000.  The US News article lists an online enrollment of over 34,000.

Academic programs include popular programs in Business and Education (including Music Education).  GCU also offers Addiction Counseling, Entrepreneurial Studies and Sports Administration.

Alumni include former Major League baseball players Chad Curtis and Tim Salmon. The athletic program is in NCAA Division II and the team name is the Antelopes.

Grand Canyon University was founded in 1949.  It became a for-profit entity in 2004.

To contact the admissions folks at GCU, it’s 1-888-261-2393.  The website is  Their twitter account – with over 1200 followers – is @gcu and their facebook page is simply “Grand Canyon University”.

As with all of the Colleges of the Day, my sources include the College’s website, the College Board’s 2011 College Handbook, Wikipedia and my own knowledge and experiences.  In GCU’s case, I also utilized a US News and World Report that noted colleges with the largest online enrollment in the U.S.

Well, see you all tomorrow in…????


St. Peter’s College is the first New Jersey college to be featured on “College of the Day” as we return from our weekend rest.  St. Peter’s is located on a 25 acre campus in Jersey City, NJ, with locations for adult education in Englewood Cliffs and South Amboy.

It was founded in 1872 and is the only Jesuit College in New Jersey.  The college currently enrolls about 2300 undergraduates and 500 graduate students.  Veterans should note that St. Peter’s participates in the Yellow Ribbon program.

St. Peter’s offers 33 majors, as well as joint professional programs in the areas of Physician Assistant, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law and Medicine. It also offers a Washington semester within its programming.  Business is the most popular major, while the college’s first class of generic BSN candidates graduated in 2010.

St. Peter’s offers a student athlete the opportunity to attend a relatively small college but participate in Division I athletics. It is the only Division 1 school whose mascot is the peacock.  Its men’s basketball program included the leading scorer in the nation in 2004 and 2005 – Keydren Clark.  It’s Women’s Basketball team (7 NCAA bids since 1982) and Women’s Bowling teams have enjoyed great success, and the Men’s Soccer team went to the NCAA tournament as recently as 2007. (Note: The Women’s teams are known as the Peahens.)

St. Peter’s was actually closed from 1918-1930, initially because of World War 1.  Its initial location is now home to St. Peter’s Preparatory School, in Jersey City and it moved to its current location in 1936.

2010-2011 Tuition is $28,332 with Room and Board totaling $11,510.

Alumni include U.S. senator Robert Menendez, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey Chairman and CEO William J. Marino and legendary high school basketball coach, Bob Hurley.

St. Peter’s College’s website is  Their twitter account is @stpeterscollege.  Their Facebook page is “Saint Peter’s College”, which has over 2000 fans/likes.  To ask for more info on St. Peter’s, call 1-888-SPC-9933.

So, we begin week 2 just a few miles from my home.  But I think we’ve got some interesting twists and turns to follow.  Enjoy the ride – only 4348 schools to go!


Bacone College is in Muskogee, OK.  I have to be honest – I had never heard of it until about 12 hours ago.  I am assuming that most of you have not either.  But check out some of the facts about this institution:

Bacone is the longest continuously operating college in the state of Oklahoma.  Its total tuition, room and board is LESS than $20,000. For a school with just over 1000 students, it has a pretty interesting array of majors, including bachelors degrees in Sports Mgmt. and Recreational Mgmt., and Associates degree programs in American Indian Studies, Natural Resources Mgmt. and Christian Ministry.

As per its website, It has a historic educational mission with American Indians and is affiliated with the American Baptist Church.

Bacone is an NAIA school.  The team name is the Warriors.  And they have an intercollegiate Rodeo program.

New Jersey connection: The President of Bacone is Rev. Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Jr.  He is a graduate of Drew University and is a United Methodist Minister in the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.

Bacone has an active presence on the social media front, with a Facebook page, a You Tube account, and a Twitter account, @baconecollege.   Their admissions folks can be reached, by phone, at 918-683-4581 X7342 and at

So, day three of our 4352 journey has taken us to Muskogee, Oklahoma.  Where do we go next?  And do we do “College of a Day” on the weekends?  These, and other questions….


Northampton Community College – NCC was founded in 1967.  Its main campus is in Bethlehem, PA, and there is a 2nd campus in Tannersville.  There are 5 satellite locations, as well.  (Ask me sometime to explain the difference between a campus and a satellite location!)

It currently enrolls over 36,000 students – more than half are in non-credit programming.   NCC offers over 100 degree, certificate and diploma programs.

There are two things I should point out to my mostly New Jersey based audience – NCC is only 20 minutes from New Jersey and it is the only community college in Pennsylvania that offers on-campus housing.

NCC’s tuition is $109 per credit for in-state and only $355 for out of state residents.  It has strong programs in Nursing, radiology, veterinary technology and funeral services. The athletic teams are known as the Spartans and the Women’s Basketball team is currently ranked #5 in the nation.

Alumni include Michael Andretti and DWTS winner and soap opera star Kelly Monaco.

Northampton is considered a “leader college” by the Achieving the Dream organization.

The college website is NCC can be found on Facebook at “Northampton Community College” (2139 likes!) and on Twitter @NorthamptonComm. For admission information, please contact the Admissions office at 610-861-5500

So, Day Two of our 4352 school journey finds us in Bethlehem, in December.  Seems appropriate.  And, day-by-day, I hope to share with you the stories of all 4352 colleges.  Hope you can join me for some of the journey!

SOURCES FOR NORTHAMPTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE INCLUDE: The College’s website-, the Wikipedia entry for Northampton Community College, the Achieving the Dream website referenced above, my own personal visits to the school and a couple of personal accounts shared with me from colleagues.


Hampshire College – As American colleges go, it is relatively young.  Its founding is listed as 1965.  But its doors opened in 1970, as an experiment in alternative education.  The school is still known for thinking outside of the box.  Hampshire is in Amherst, Massachusetts, considered by many as one of the best “college towns” in the nation.  It’s not cheap – $51, 279 for tuition, room and board.  But it has a fabulous reputation in the visual arts and a strong Environmental Studies program.  Has a high rate of alumni going on to graduate school (56%).  Alums include my favorite documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns and the Director of “Men in Black”, Barry Sonnenfeld.  (Sonnenfeld also directed “Wild Wild West” but I don’t think you can hold Hampshire responsible for that!) Strong numbers in terms of retention – 87% return for sophomore year and 64% graduate within 6 years.

Hampshire is part of the Five College Consortium that includes Amherst College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.  It does not utilize traditional grades or school years.  For those who follow such things, Hampshire is a “Tier One” school.  It is listed as one of the “Colleges That Change Lives” by CTCL.

For what it’s worth, I liked the website,  Easy to read, navigate, etc.  The admission officer for New Jersey is Assistant Dean of Admissions Jessica Lein Ortiz, who can be reached at

So, we begin our journey on an 800 acre campus in Amherst, Massachusetts.  And day-by-day, I hope to share with you the stories of the 4352 colleges (at least according to Wikipedia) that are in the U.S.  Hope you can join me for some of the journey!

SOURCES FOR HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE OVERVIEW INCLUDE: The College’s website-, the Wikipedia entry for Hampshire College, the College Board College Handbook for 2011 and the Fisk Guide to Colleges 2011.

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